What Badgers Are Thankful for at UW-Madison

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With Thanksgiving fast approaching and the first snow having fallen, the students here at UW-Madison are really getting into the spirit of the holiday. Though most of us are merely glad to have a break (however short) from the constant stream of essays and exams, there are a few more things to be thankful for here on campus. Here’s what some UW-Madison students are most thankful for at our alma mater.

The Student Benefits:

“The student bus passes! They’ve saved me hundreds. – Stephanie Olson, Senior

“Might be weird, but I’m most thankful for the Wisconsin Institute of Discovery. I love going to WID because the indoor trees and waterfall wall create a really relaxing atmosphere, especially on cold days. It’s just a really calm space where I feel super productive. Also, super thankful for WUD music because they bring so many awesome bands and music acts to campus and we get to see them perform for free.  – Lily Hansen, Junior

“The awesome amount of research money that makes its way to undergrads here at the UW.” – Nick Gubbins, Senior

The Opportunities:

“I’m most thankful for the immense number of opportunities Madison has to offer students who want to expand their education in creative ways. I’m thankful for the number of students who engage in those opportunities to improve campus and themselves.” – Raegan Niemela, Senior

“I’m most thankful for all of the resources/opportunities available here, from the faculty which are very knowledgeable and respected in their fields, to all of the places I can go when I need a break (like State Street or the unions). I feel like I can easily access any information I need, like if I have questions about graduate schools or international internships, and I also never feel bored or limited because there is always something new to do around here.” – Kayleigh Norgord, Senior

“I can’t even begin to count the opportunities, resources, and experiences that have been provided to me through working on campus with faculty and students. But mainly, I am thankful for the people that campus and my house fellow position have brought into my life. I can very easily say that the friends and connections I have made here on campus are life-changing and lifelong.” – Adelaide Fenton, Senior

The Friends:

“I’m most thankful for my experience in the dorms. The friendships I made there will last for the rest of my life!” – Maximillian Zuhlke, Senior

“I’m very thankful for the little niches of community I have found all over campus. As a transfer student and a non-sports-goer, it was initially difficult for me to feel connected to the university. But as time went on it became really apparent how inclusive and thriving these little enclaves are, and very valuable for me to become involved with them.” – Kat Turner, Senior

The Academic Community:

“I’m thankful for attending an institution that allowed me to both seek an extraordinary higher education in Psychology while also being exposed to different areas of study that have led to a new perspective on both how I view myself and society.” – Alex Camp, Senior

“I’m thankful for the opportunity to be around so many intelligent and driven individuals.”  – Derek Rohr, Senior

“I am most thankful for the campus standards for the education and implementation for inclusion and equality for all. No matter the gender, ethnicity, ability, race, health and other identities.” – Bailey Marquardt, Senior

“I am most thankful for my professors and TAs. I have had the privilege of working with some of the most brilliant and engaging people on campus. I could list people for ages. My professors have really made my experience here.” – Abigail Burns, Senior

“I don’t know how to express this well, but I am thankful for the overall mental environment. I often feel overwhelmed as a busy grad student, and I think at a different school with a different academic culture and a more stressful environment I would just break down. I feel like in Madison I can let off steam and just keep going at it.” – Kazi Ahmed, Grad Student

Senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying English with a creative writing emphasis. Lover of movie scores, thunderstorms, and superheroes. And dogs.

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