A Girl’s Guide to Asking Guys Out

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Ladies, let’s face it, we can be pretty demanding sometimes. We’re not afraid to tell the barista that we wanted soy milk instead of two percent, or ask the professor for an extension on that paper that we’ve been putting off. However, when it comes to asking out that cute guy from biology, suddenly we’re not so brave.

The truth is guys are usually just as nervous as you when it comes to making the first move. (HINT: That’s why so many of them don’t do it.) If the chemistry is there, all you need to do is ask. Trust me, he’ll love you for it.

The key to asking a guy out—without sounding overly desperate and lame—is to play it cool and keep it casual.

“I had been texting this guy for a while and we hit it off really well. I wanted to hang out with him one-on-one but he just never made a move. I figured he might have been nervous, so one day when we were flirting about some new summer movie I casually suggested we go and see it. He was down,” Lindsay Taylor, a sophomore from Penn State University said. “Sometimes guys just need that little push and it’s okay if you’re the one to give it to them.”

Nikki Fasciglione from University of Wisconsin agreed. “You don’t have to make a production out of it. Just keep it simple. I usually ask guys to hang out while we’re IMing on Facebook. It seems less intense that way. I’ll just be like, ‘Hey what are you doing tomorrow night, wanna chill?’ Then they suggest the location. It’s like a team effort.”

“Let him think it was his idea,” Fasciglione added. “Guys love taking credit for everything they do or don’t do.”

It’s usually easy to sense if a guy is into you or not. You just have to pick the right time to seal the deal. If you have been flirting for some time and he still hasn’t asked you out, chances are he’s unsure of how you feel. Show him that you’re into him. Ask him to hang out.

Chelsea Yablon, a senior at Towson University suggests food and television as starting points for a first date. “Find something you ‘bond’ over and use that as your gateway. If you both like a certain TV show, invite him over to watch it. If you both love broccoli cheddar soup from Panera Bread ask him to grab lunch there. It’s not as hard you think.”

Also, don’t forget to be confident. “Guys love confident girls,” said Chelsea. “If you’re secure enough to be bold and make the first move, it’s a huge turn on. No guy is gonna turn down a girl who knows what she wants.”

The next time you find yourself questioning whether or not to ask a guy out, just go for it. If he says yes, you’re the unstoppable girl who just scored herself a date. If he says no, well you know what they say, practice makes perfect.

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