10 Signs You Really Need to Go Back to School

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When final exams roll around, every college student is ready to be home. You’re done with communal bathrooms, subpar dining options and all-nighters. You welcome vacation with open arms and, at first, being back at home feels like the most natural thing in the world. Then, once you’ve eaten yourself sick with homemade food, the back-to-school itch starts to set in. Pack your awesome new backpack, because it’s finally time. Here are some signs you’re ready to go back to school.

1. You’re clinically addicted to Snapchat

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Forget interacting with actual humans. Your new priority is sending pictures of your face and food to friends you haven’t seen all summer. They have to see exactly how amazing your burger looks on your plate.

2. All of your sentences start with “My friend from school…”

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You’re so desperate to see your friends from school that it’s all you can talk about. Your family is sick of hearing about that one time you and your friends braved a storm for some late-night McDonalds or that time you set up a slip-n-slide in the dorm hallway. You’re looking forward to being around people who actually know what you’re talking about.

3. Going into public places has become a covert mission

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Running into people you went to high school with is bad enough on a good day, but once the back to school itch starts, it’s unbearable. Small talk is a painful waste of time when you could be home packing for the semester that is still a month away, so remember to bob and weave at the first sight of that kid who sat next to you in 11th grade precalculus.

4. You’ve memorized every time zone difference in the country

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To Skype your friend in California, you have to know when she’ll be getting out of work and eating dinner. Trying to add your friend from Illinois into the mix while you’re sitting on your couch in Connecticut can be complicated, but you’ve gotten so desperate that knowing time zones has become second nature.

5. You’ve been hardcore Facebook stalking all of your school friends

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You find yourself mindlessly scrolling through your friends’ social media lives, as far back as prom and high school pep rallies. Normally, the stop point for non-creepy Facebook stalking is the end of someone’s awkward phase, but nothing is off limits once the back-to-school itch begins.

6. You’ve got separate countdowns in your phone for when you’ll see your roommate, boyfriend and best friend

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Simply knowing the date you’ll be reunited isn’t enough. It’s nice to know that there are exactly 24 days and 12 hours until you can hug your best friend, and that two hours after that begins your 24/7 sleepover with your awesome roommate. You’re starting to check your countdowns more than you check Instagram.

7. You miss dining hall food

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That questionable meat does have a certain charm to it. You can’t wait to get back and have below-average food with all of your friends after class. Maybe the dining hall delivers over state lines…

8. Netflix has run out of suggestions for you

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After the hours of Orange is the New Black and Doctor Who, Netflix has given up. The “suggestions” section now just says, “You’ve exhausted our options, please go outside.” You know you’ll probably continue to binge watch once you’re back at school, but hey, at least you’ll be surrounded by fellow addicts instead of your younger siblings.

9. You’re offering to do your own laundry

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“No mom, it’s okay, I’ve got it!” You then proceed to smell the detergent and pretend to fight someone to get to the washer that doesn’t flood. You’re even starting to miss the mildew smell.

10. You’re already making plans well into the semester

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The first weekend will obviously be a cookout at your friend’s new apartment. But then, your anthropology class is going to be really hard, so a group study session featuring Starbucks and your favorite pizza place will be necessary. Maybe you should carpool home for Thanksgiving with your friend from a few towns over. Wouldn’t a secret-Santa party be great?

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