Your Summer Priority List

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It’s summer. No more worrying about that assignment an hour before class. No more 8 a.m. classes. You’re home. You can walk around the house naked. Life is great. But you’re in bed all day, spending hours catching up on TV and scrolling down your Facebook newsfeed. You’re starting to miss busy college life. Here’s a priority list for those who want to get the most out of summer break.

Unpack and clean. Guilty as charged. For some, it’s a chore to clean your room and get rid of junk, but this chore helps you get organized and feel better about the environment you’re in. So turn on your summer playlist and tackle that heap of laundry on your chair!

Edit your resume and build on it. Maybe you joined a new club last semester or made a new reference. Your resume is the staple to every job application, job fair and interview. Make sure it highlights your strengths and it’s free of any spelling or grammatical errors. A well-written resume can make a difference between working for minimum wage and getting an interview to land the internship you want.

Go job hunting. Yes, job searching is the worst. However, having a job will keep you busy this summer, and you won’t feel like too much of a lazy bum. Places are still looking for interns as well, so looking for summer internships is not a lost cause. Plus, who wouldn’t mind extra cha-ching?

Volunteer. Don’t do it because it looks good on your resume, but because it’s rewarding. You’re giving something back to the community by lending a helping hand to people and organizations. It might have been difficult to make that commitment during the year, but the summer gives you more time to make a difference. So sign up at your local food bank or hospital: you’ll get something out of it, too.

Exercise and have fun.The freshman 15 might inspire you to go healthy while enjoying your break. Take care of your body by eating healthier and staying fit, whether that means doing some aerobics or going on that thirty minute run. If it’s sunny and 90 degrees outside, take advantage of it!

So readers, what’s on your priority list this summer?

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