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Flirting and looking hot are not the only things that can make you attractive to the opposite sex. Turns out, your scent can too.

“Pleasant aromas can actually stimulate parts of the brain directly connected to sexual desire,” said director of Chicago’s Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, Alan Hirsh, to Cosmo.

Many students seem to agree that a person’s smell can either seal the deal or send someone the other way. “When a guy smells great, it makes him that much more attractive to me,” said Megan Johnson, a freshman from the University of California, Los Angeles. Here are a few scents, for both gals and gents, which are guaranteed to turn someone of the opposite sex on.

For Girls


There is nothing boring when it comes to this scent. It can be sultry, exotic and mysterious. It is also a favorite for guys. “There’s just something about a girl who smells like vanilla,” said Josh Gallagher, a sophomore from California State University, Long Beach. “I can’t help but be attracted to it.”


It is a sweet scent popular in many perfumes. If it worked for Cleopatra, it’ll most likely work for you.


Guys associate the scent of cinnamon with love. Aromatherapy experts have long believed that cinnamon is an aphrodisiac. This is a scent to keep in mind when wanting to attract the guy of your dreams

For Guys

Axe Body Spray

It is extremely popular with the ladies. The fresh scent of Axe can really get the girls to flock to you. “Of all the body sprays out there, Axe smells the sexiest,” said Johnson.


Certain colognes that contain a citrus scent are surprisingly a huge turn on. It keeps you smelling fresh and clean; what girl wouldn’t want that in her guy?


This doesn’t mean you have to be drenched in sweat, but a little bit of sweat can be a huge turn on. It shows that you have been working out in some way, and nothing is sexier than knowing a guy was hard at work using his muscles.

Let your nose lead you to the girl or guy of your dreams. It may know what’s best.

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