Your Monthly Horoscope: Romance Edition

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By Crystal Becerril > Senior > English and Journalism > Boston University; Photo by AR > Sophomore > Graphic Design > UMBC
What's in the cards for you in this romantic month?

You may be surprised to find that someone in your life may have deeper romantic feelings for you than you anticipated. With the moon on your side, push your luck and pursue your fantasies with this person– you never know what a ride you could be in for.
While you may be burning for romance, this month is primarily about a relationship with yourself. Step back and focus on tying up all lose ends before pursuing another love interest.
Now is not the time to settle. Use your strong opinions to guide you and make necessary changes in your love life. You can break free from the boredom of your current status just by speaking up.
You may need to focus on prioritizing this month. Instead of spending every waking second with your significant other, treat yourself to a night of flirting and dancing.  Things may be chaotic right now, but the best way to relax is to push things aside for something new –or someone—to step in.
You may find that while your friends have heard your stories too many times, that stranger down the hall that you’ve passed by awkwardly in a towel a few times might enjoy a listen. Make the efforts to get to know new people and your conversations may lead to something more.
This month is about change for you: take a look at your romantic life and make a list of what you don’t like about it and how you want to change it. If you wish it, you can accomplish this set of goals by the end of this month.
If you are in a relationship, it’s time to focus on the big picture. Take the initiative to suggest moving on to the next stage, or move on to the next person. If you’re single, tonight is the night to follow your passions, as naughty as they may be.
All your good deeds are about to pay off: You’ve been focused primarily on your personal goals lately, but karma will reward you with a special romantic surprise this month.
Treat yourself to pampering and go for that nice, picturesque romance rather than the fast-paced drama you’ve dealt with in the past.
You aren’t paranoid for thinking that you keep seeing the same person on campus everywhere you go. The coincidence is a sign to pursue that guy or girl you seemingly notice as you stand in the Starbucks line each morning. Let loose and strike up a conversation—if you don’t want to take it any further, you at least made a friend.
Brace yourself for a fun night out with your friends. While you may have a hit a recent slump, bring out your flirty side at the next party. You just might meet someone that can open your eyes to things you’ve never tried before.
You are intuitive and rational. Follow your natural instincts and talk to that person that you’ve already been stealing glances from in class. He or she might want to meet you just as badly and might even be thinking up the same dirty thoughts about you.

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