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We all grunt as we skim through the job application and see the personality surveys. Who wants to go through 20 minutes of filling out whether we strongly agree that we enjoy cooperating with others?

Today, many modern personality psychologists and surveys follow the five core dimensions of personality, often referred to as the “Big 5” personality traits. These surveys can come in handy when we’re still stuck on picking majors for college.

Known as OCEAN, the five categories are openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism. Each of the traits has a range between two extremes. For example, there’s the extreme openness and the extreme conventional.

With the exception of neuroticism (those high in this trait are often emotionally instable and anxious), see how these personality traits can relate to various majors, and maybe it might clear up that fog of “deciding your future.”

Openness to Experience

Do you consider yourself a kid at heart with that wild imagination of yours? Do you listen to your friends’ problems and provide emotional support for them? With an open mind, you might have a wide range of interests. You have a general appreciation for art, adventure and quirky ideas.  Consider philosophy, creative writing, international relations andadvertising. These majors allow you to think outside the box and be creative. They give you your creative outlet to what’s in your mind, as well as study other peoples’ opinions.


You think before you do. You strive to lead an organized and clutter-free life, which is shown in your room and on your desk. You don’t like leaving things to the last minute, and you are generally reliable, more motivated and harder working. In extreme cases, you might be a workaholic or perfectionist. Although this trait works with any major, you might want to look into accounting, management, programming and history. Organizational skills are key to success in these majors, as well as being mindful of details.


Enthusiastic and action-oriented, you enjoy positive energy and the company of others. Basically, you’re an extravert, or a “people person.” You grab the spotlight and work best with others. Broadcast journalism, communications, theater and political science are majors you should consider. They require you to be active and socialize as well as stand out and be a leader.


Are you the go-to friend who mediates the fights and strives to find a comprisable solution to anything? Do you enjoy volunteering and helping out with others? Do you genuinely believe that people are honest and trustworthy? Agreeable people are considerate, generous and helpful. Consider social work, education and public health. These majors show how to better improve education; society and the way people live.

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