Winter Break Lovin

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Winter break can come with much anticipation and excitement, and not just over the fact that college students get to relax for a month with no assignments. Some people reconnect with former flames or find new ones in their hometowns, making the holidays a little bit steamier.

While this new budding relationship can be great during that first month, you both know that there’s a ticking time bomb set on how far the relationship can go. Each part of a couple may have some idea as to what they want out of this newly rekindled or just beginning relationship; either they just want a winter fling with nothing more, or they really want to give it a try, regardless of the distance you two share. There are pros and cons to going both ways to trying out a relationship over break, and in the end it could define how strong you two really are.

One pro is that regardless if the relationship continues, at least you got some over the break! Winter can be a depressing time reminding you just how lonely you are, so having a significant other, even temporarily, can banish those feelings until you go back to school and gain the confidence to date someone there.

The con, of course, are the feelings of attachment that sometimes sneak up on you even when you don’t mean them to, which can make things complicated and awkward if you aren’t on the same page with your significant other. That’s why it is of the utmost importance to be open and honest with what you want and don’t want out of a relationship like this; be clear up front if this will only last for the winter, or discuss with your partner where you see your relationship going if it seems to be moving in that direction.

If you find yourself in this “emotional attachment” stage, you have some deep questions to ask yourself. Why do you seem to like this guy/girl right now? Is it because it’s convenient, or do you really think there’s something there? Do you two have any chemistry beyond hooking up? And if you go to two different schools, does this person mean enough to you to make it work long-distance?

Once you can answer those questions for yourself and you know what you want, talk it out with your partner. If you go to the same school then it will probably be much easier to keep up a relationship, and you’ll probably find yourself wondering why you didn’t see this person in the first place.

Long distance, however, is a more tangled situation. You both have to go into it knowing that communication of any form should be a top priority, because otherwise there will be nothing for you two to base your relationship on.

But if it matters enough to the both of you, you will make it work. Occasional visits, keeping in contact through texting/calling/Skype, and keeping things interesting will be the pillars of your relationship from here on out and through spring semester until you’re home again. 


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