Will CastleVille Be A Catastrophe?

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If you thought Facebook had more than enough games to choose from, think again! Because Zynga, the mastermind behind hit games like FarmVille, Mafia Wars and Words with Friends sure doesn’t think so. In fact, the company has a new project in the works, which will introduce nine new games and an entirely new gaming system.

Games like FarmVille and CityVille have scored tons of followers, and Zynga hopes their newest addition to the “ville” collection, CastleVille, will continue the trend. The game, which is set to come out by the end of the year, allows users to “create their own happy ending.” The game includes characters such as Tom the Dragon Slayer, George the Miner, Rafael the Playboy, Sonja the Gold digger and Ivette the Lovely Maiden.

So does CastleVille, a brand new game with a whole new concept, excite college students?

I started Words with Friends, but I don’t keep up with it. So, I would say I’m pretty indifferent,” said Roshelle Rozenblum, a senior at Stony Brook University.

“I think I’m already annoyed of the games to be honest,” added Alice Wu, a senior at the University of Rochester.

Even fans of previous “ville” games aren’t a shoe-in as fans for the new Zynga games.

“I only play FarmVille and it’s a stress reliever for me,” said Jennifer Consomer, a senior at Rutgers University. “I don't think they need more [and] I wouldn't play them if they came out with any new ones.”

Though that doesn’t mean college students won’t be giving the new Zynga games and network a try. In fact, CastleVille’s Facebook page already has over 800,000 likes.

Not to mention that Zynga games have three key things working in their favor. “They’re free. They’re great entertainment. And they’re a way to stay in touch with their friends,” said Jason Brown, vice president of player insights for Zynga in a Nov. 5 Los Angeles Times article.

And that is precisely why some college students are getting hyped.

“I would be interested if it's a puzzle game or if it's a game that a lot of my friends get into. Especially if it's interactive,” explains Alice Isakov, a senior at Baruch College.

Only time will tell if Zynga’s innovations are a successful step for the online gaming world – or a gigantic failure.

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