Why Weekend Work is Underrated

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Did I catch up with the fam? Play on the playground slide with my baby nephew? Eat Thankgiving turkey three nights in a row? Yup, Yup, Yup! But I also reviewed our December editorial calendars, caught up on emails and worked on the next phase of our website. You might be thinking “what a loser, doesn’t she have anything better to do on her weekends?” But what you should be thinking is: “genius!

While 9-to-5ers are out frolicking around carefree on their weekends, entrepreneurs know better. Weekends are the best time to get ahead and not feel the pressure of everyone around you working. In other words, you can complete the purest of work without the interruptions of calls, meetings, emergency emails or the day-to-day fires you’re responsible for managing. It’s the most peaceful work experience of your life.

So the next time you plan a Saturday morning on your couch watching bad tv, consider the underrated alternative, weekend workin’.

The Rules

There are a few ground rules to ensure that working on Saturday doesn’t feel like Wednesday:

1. The first rule of weekend work is: don’t talk about weekend work—your friends won’t understand and we want to keep this somewhat exclusive.
2. Just like you don’t want to answer to any emails, you should not send out emails that need immediate responses over the weekend—it’s just mean.
3. If you decide to hold a weekend meeting, make it fun. Bring in food and keep it laid-back.
Last but not least, try to leave some time for partying to make up for all that extra work. (See photo evidence above).

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