Why I Miss Elementary School Valentine’s Day

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OK. Bear with me. Remember when you bought those umm, cards with Power Rangers, Batman, Barbie, Rugrats? You know the valentine cards made for everyone? Wouldn’t it be cool if we had them for  Rhianna? Maroon-5? Modern Family? New Girl? SNL? Wouldn’t that be awesome? Oh! Oh! And the best part about those cards? There was one, JUST ONE, that was always made bigger than the rest. That was the one you would give to THE crush. And they’d never really know what it meant but you did.  Ah the simplicity of mass-produced valentines. It was a rule that everyone had to get one, and now, it’s so exclusive. What gives? I am totally down if some kid in my Global Studies class wants to give out valentines to everyone. I’ll bring my decorated paper bag for the occasion.

Remember those? The paper bags? I was very detailed orientated about them. The milk carton was the best because that would take up the most class time to make. The days we were excited that we had a party at the end? Now there are just bar nights. Which is fine. It just seemed like we were getting away with more back in the 3rd grade. Too bad our professors wouldn’t take us out to a bar on Valentines Day. God knows some of us have chalked up the holiday as an excuse to drink. But back then, everyone got some love and it was an excuse to celebrate.

Today we tweet “Happy Valentines Day” what about the days we’d greet each other with it? Or when we would slip that silly cut out heart into a bag, sometimes to be kind and sometimes with crossed fingers, that our crush would know the slightly bigger heart was especially for them. It took a lot of courage to place that in a bag. Now, it’s a facebook chat, a tweet, an instagram “like.” Now, if you want to see your crush you log on to a social network. Do we know how to be bold in person? What if you challenged yourself to be a kid again and just wait for the chance to see them in class? Or when you are out? Hold off on the social media. Walk right up to them and tell them and give them that Power Ranger Card, or that cut out heart! Can we bring Valentines Day back to its roots? It was not about already being with someone, it was about falling for someone. It was about cupid firing its shot, a day at school that had the perfect excuse to be slightly nicer to someone, to let them know, even in the most subtle way, you liked them.

Attention all College Students! Forget the chocolates, jewelry or dinner. Cut that construction paper with those experienced hands and give me a heart. Will you write with the hand you use less? I want to see that childlike innocence splashed everywhere. Don’t tell them you love them, or that you guys are “forever.”  Just ask the simple question “Be My Valentine?” It’s just a day. A silly day, that was once an excuse to be a little bold about a crush, or be happy you got to have a party. Now, forgive me if I am wrong, but if there ever was an occasion to be those things, wouldn’t it be the time you spend in college?



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