Why He Didn’t Ask for a Second Date

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Imagine this: Your adorable crush finally asked you on a date. The two of you went to a casual dinner, no pressure and it seemed like everything went well. At the end of the night, you guys hugged and he said he’d call you later.

The next day, no call or text. A few days later, still no contact. A week goes by and you’re actually starting to wonder whether he’s OK because that’s how well you thought your date went.

Did your date actually go as well as you think it did, though? These are some tell-tale signs that you probably won’t be getting that call back.


You did most of the talking.
Can you remember learning anything about him? No? That probably means that you didn’t let him get a word in edge-wise. Maybe you were nervous and wanted to keep the conversation going, but if you did a majority of the talking, that probably turned him off and made you look a little selfish.

You were too forward.

People know their personalities in relationships, and you probably know if you tend to move too fast when it comes to dating. So, if he looked at you awkwardly and was confused when you started talking about dating and the future, he probably isn’t looking to have something so serious so soon. You should probably relax your expectations and just focus on getting to know him.

Your personalities just don’t match.

Just like with any relationship, some personalities don’t mesh well. If you have a sarcastic personality and he just doesn’t get it, or you don’t find him funny to begin with, the two of you probably aren’t compatible and won’t work out in the long run.

Eating habits

It doesn’t matter what you ordered, but honestly it matters how you ate it. Shoveling your food down like a pig, barely taking time to breathe or look up tends to send any sensible human being running for the hills. It probably turned him off that your plate of food was gone in less than a minute. No one is saying that you have to eat like you’ve had lessons from Miss Manners, but don’t expect him to call you back. It’s better to find someone who will have mini eating contests with you.


When the waiter came to take your order, did you order the most expensive thing on the menu? Even if you always order the Filet Mignon when you go out, this probably would’ve been the night to order something new and less expensive. It makes it worse if once the check came you didn’t even make an effort to go Dutch. That just looks bad. Even if you had no intention of paying, reach for the check. Most guys just need to see the reach.


But, let’s face it. You win some and you lose some. Not every person that you go out with will like you. And that’s the way that it should be. Eventually you will find someone that likes you just as much as you like him or her.

 You have to kiss a couple a couple of frogs before you get to a prince or princess.


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