10 Reasons Why College Isn’t High School

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The transition from high school to college is a tricky one laced with stark differences in class settings, people and classes. High school is the last step before one is released into the real world of responsibility. But hey, who knew responsibility could be so fun?

People say high school is the best years of your life. FALSE! The kids who say that are in high school. High school is a teaser for what is to come. It’s an age where responsibility is given in bits by your parents and taken away in an instant. But in college, you have extensive room to grow and find yourself in the years you decide what will become of your career.

College presents you with the opportunities of a lifetime in numerous ways, and it is up to you to decide which ones to take. Here’s how college is nothing like high school:

1.) Put that hand down, you can go to the bathroom. In college, there’s no reason to ask the professor for permission to use the little boys’ room. If you do, you’ll get strange looks. You’re an adult now and you can pee on your own time.

2.) In high school, no one wore both backpack straps. In college, wearing both straps of your backpack is the only way to walk to class. How else will you carry those textbooks?

3.) In college, weekends can start on Thursday or extend to Tuesday.

4.) In high school, there is a clique system and in college, everyone blends together. No popular, no nerdy, just…us.

5.) In college, there is no bedtime, which results in students staying up until 4 a.m. chatting or watching movies.

6.) Getting F’s in high school means you fail the course and take it again. Getting F’s in college means another $800 to retake the class, and another semester of tuition to pay.

7.) In high school, you get food at school for a cheap price, your mom makes you meals or you bring your own lunch. In college, meal plans cost a pretty penny and you can barely afford to make your own food.

8.) It’s the norm in college to be a full-time student and have two part-time jobs.

9.) Skipping class in high school was a cinch. Skipping class is your decision in college – but it mostly results in getting behind in material far more than your mind can comprehend – which means you become afraid to skip class.

10.) In college you can change who you are and be yourself, and be accepted. In high school, sometimes being yourself is strongly frowned upon.

College is so much different than high school, offering the chance to carve a new path into the person you are meant to become. Differing drastically from high school, college is the final frontier before entering the working world, the frontier where we meld into the most mature forms of ourselves. 

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