Why Choose When You Can Strip and Dare?

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Why Choose When You Can Strip and Dare?

At least that’s David Brinn’s approach.  Founder and president of Daring Ventures, LLC, and creator of the game Strip and Dare, Brinn explains how, “we took the original game of beer pong and spiced it up by giving beer pong a purpose.”

Strip and Dare is the latest party game in which a durable, easily cleanable mat is set up just like beer pong.  However, it’s not called “beer pong with a sexy twist” without reason! Once you sink a ball into your opponent’s cup, you have to either complete the dare or strip an article of clothing depending on which space the cup is over.

With Strip and Dare, Brinn claims, beer pong is transitioned from a sport that is solely about drinking to entertainment for the entire room and can be played by anybody.  For example, while once playing Strip and Dare in a room without air conditioning, instead of daring people to strip or do other commonly crazy stunts, players were daring each other to put on extra shirts and sweaters, he says.  As long as people set their boundaries as strictly or as loosely as they wish, like deciding whether to use alcohol or water, everybody can have an extraordinarily fun time, including spectators.

Jennifer Lowe, a sophomore at the University of Delaware, agrees.  Although she has never played Strip and Dare, she says, “I would play with a very close group of friends whose dares I could guarantee would be on the innocent end of the spectrum.”

Brinn’s “baby,” as he calls it, was born when he was just 21 and a junior in college.  Now 23, he has watched it grow each and every day—but not without hard work.  The idea all started when he was reading a Times article about beer pong and how it has quickly become a popular college game.

Being “the type of kid who tries to make things better,” Brinn decided that he could up the ante for Beer Pong by combining it with his own twist on the classic Truth or Dare.  Not completely on his own though, Brinn did get advice from his DJ-ing buddies and his good friend, Daniella.  By taking guidance from all of his friends, Brinn got different opinions to help finalize the design, dares, and every other detail.

His hard work has definitely paid off though, since with the help of Mahvrick Entertainment, Brinn has been able to begin hosting celebrity beer pong tournaments, parties, and promotions.  For example, anyone who buys a game has the ultimate chance to play—with the playmates at the Playboy mansion.

Even if you don’t win the trip, Brinn might be coming to you.  With merchandise in over 300 stores nationwide and features in clubs in Las Vegas and New York City, Brinn is working to storm the country and throw parties at college campuses across America.

The game does not come without criticism and qualms, however.  A sophomore at Washington University in St. Louis, Jessica Filderman, explains why she wouldn’t play the game: “Having truth or dare added to drinking just makes for a lot of poor decisions that could be regretted later.”

Brinn does acknowledge these concerns, but fully views this added component of the game as a positive impact—one that can add “extra sex appeal and spice” and a “mystery factor,” where the coed environment will make people present themselves more professionally in front of the opposite sex.

Do you think you would Strip and Dare, or will you stick to the classic beer pong?  We dare you to comment!

Images courtest of beerpongbargains.com.

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