Why 3D Is The Only Way To Watch Sports

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Technology has greatly improved over the years, and it has helped us in the way that we watch sports.

When high definition television came along, it changed everything. Now I can’t watch any sporting event in standard definition. But lately, there’s been an even bigger improvement in the sports-viewing world. That improvement is 3D television.

While the movie industry is booming with 3D movies, the television industry has yet to make full use of this technology. The only network to take advantage of 3D technology is ESPN.

ESPN has its own 3D network called ESPN3D. ESPN3D has had over 200 broadcasts airing multiple sporting events such as college football, college basketball, NBA basketball, boxing, golf, the X Games, and they even did an episode of SportsNation in 3D.

This week ESPN3D is broadcasting The Masters. The network has done this the last two years, and it is amazing. As a 3DTV owner, I can say that this is truly a unique experience. I don’t even like golf, but it’s hard not to enjoy seeing the beautiful greens and fairways that the golf course has to offer.

Golf, however, isn’t the only sport worth watching in 3D. I’ve watched every sport that 3D has to offer, and I’ve enjoyed all of them. It makes you feel closer to the action. It gives you a depth of where the players are in relation to each other. Depending on the camera angle, it makes you feel like you are at the game.

The only problem with 3D programming is that it’s not easy to obtain. You have to purchase a 3DTV (along with its accessories), which does not come cheap. Also, not every cable network provides ESPN3D. AT&T UVerse dropped the TV channel because not enough people were watching it.

If you call yourself a sports fan, you have to watch at least one event on a 3DTV – just for the experience. Obviously not everyone can afford a 3DTV, but you might know someone who owns one. You’ll thank me when you watch a 3D slow-mo.

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