When The Clock Strikes 12

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The night of Dec. 31st finally begins after a week of panic and agony about what to do about this special time of year. You’ve whined to no end about being single on New Year’s and how you have no one to kiss.

But being without a special someone shouldn’t stop anyone from ringing in the New Year in a fun way. Here are a few activities that can get you up and moving to celebrate the coming of 2013.

House party with friends: Break out the bubbly and have a dance party with other close single girlfriends. Allow this to be your last hurrah before the new year begins and use it as an excuse to act a little crazy. Play the top 50 songs from the past year, which are sure to get you singing and dancing. You won’t miss the other gender being there and you can even open it up to groups of friends and have a house party…for singles only.

Go out: Be it to a bar or club or even a classy restaurant, this is a great way to get out of the house and rally for an ultimate night of crazy shenanigans. From the endless hours of dancing, sweating, and stranger meeting you’re sure to have an awesome time, with or without a girl or guy by your side. Who knows? Maybe your Princess or Prince Charming will be doing the exact same thing there.

Spend time with family: This time of year is about reflection and being around loved ones, so why not stay in and spend it with family? Make it a movie or game night, or come up with a few other fun games to reflect on this past year and what you want for the future. Waking up to mom’s home-cooked breakfast doesn’t hurt either, and not being too hung over to watch the Rose Parade is always a comfort.

Travel: End the old year and usher in the new one by taking a trip, either solo or with a close friend. Pick either a place you’ve never been or somewhere you’d like to revisit, and make your last day about travel and relaxation once you’ve reached your destination. There’s nothing like the adventure to a special place to encourage you to start fresh and take the new year head-on. There are cultures to be explored, things to be seen, and memories to be made, completely undefined by a trivial New Year’s kiss.


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