What’s Your Lucky Charm?

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Good luck charms are more common than you think. Some are used for fun and don’t have much meaning, like having a ‘lucky rabbit’s foot’ key chain attached to your keys or finding a penny on the floor and claiming that it will give you good luck.

But do you have certain things you do or carry around before meeting up with a new beau?

Jade Taylor, a sophomore from the University of Houston, used to wear socks that have the days of the week on them. But the thing is, she never wore the day they actually were. Now she just makes list. “I make lists of everything I have to do to get ready,” Taylor said. “I make a lot of lists.” After crossing off everything she has on her list, like making sure to wear her favorite heels or borrowing that cute top from her friend, Taylor feels more prepared and ready to go out and have a night of fun.

Making lists of everything, like a ‘to do’ list is normal. You don’t want to forget any minor details before meeting with a cutie. When it comes to going on a date, you want things to go perfect.

Some people tend to think their luck comes from certain articles of clothing. Michael Jordan gave credit to his gym shorts, wearing them underneath his Chicago Bulls uniform. Darius Wright, a junior from the Oklahoma City University, has a pair of lucky Superman underwear he wears before going out.

There’s an actual tradition that if you wear red underwear on New Year’s Eve, you will have good luck for the rest of the year. Maybe that’s something to try.

I’m sure everyone has a pair of lucky underwear, or a pair that they favor more than others. But Krista Grant, a sophomore from the University of Texas, wears something a little more distinct.

“I wear two different pairs of socks. Not because I’m too lazy to find the matching pair, but because I feel like it gives me good luck,” Grant says. “I started doing that for my soccer games in high school, and when I found that it would give me luck, I started doing it for everyday things.” Everyday things including going out with a cute guy.

 Whatever you feel gives you luck with your next date or encounter with your significant other, I hope you get the lucky outcome you desire. For me, I’ll keep looking for my ‘lucky charm’. Hopefully I’ll be as lucky as Grant or Taylor when it comes to going out on a date.


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