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By Lauren Katz > Sophomore > Journalism & Mass Communication > The George Washington University
Its 7:00 on Saturday night. You and your friends are trying to figure out the evening’s plans when tragedy strikes: There is nothing going on!
“But its Saturday, there must be something to do,” you think to yourself. Still, as the text messages are exchanged, you realize your night might be doomed to be uneventful.

Why is it that people think just because their favorite bar isn’t open or just because no fraternity is throwing a party, that they can’t have fun on the weekend? So much of our social lives is dedicated to drinking, dancing and fraternizing (no pun intended) with the opposite sex that we forget how to have fun without these things. I am here to remind you that indeed, it can be done.
So I know I’ve praised the hidden gem-type restaurants, but what about taking the time to cook your own dinner? Granted, you need a kitchen, but cooking is both resourceful and fun. For the amount that you pay for dinner at a nice restaurant, you can usually get two to three meals out of that same amount worth of groceries. Throw in a cheap bottle of wine (no, I’m not talking about Franzia, there are quality wines for a reasonable price) and you’re all set for an enjoyable night. Cook with friends or cook for a loved one. The end result is satisfying for both you and your guests. For inspiration, try What the F*ck Should I Make for Dinner? as it is both entertaining and valuable for recipes, levels of difficulty, and preparation times.
When you live in a big city like me, you tend to skip over doing the touristy things because, really, who wants to look like a tourist? But when you switch up the activities a bit they can actually be really enjoyable and you can learn something about the glorious city in which you reside. For example, Washington D.C. has monuments (Did you know that?!?! I bet you did) and they are lit up at night and really quite beautiful. Take a late night tour of your city and discover why so many people choose to spend an enjoyable weekend there. What’s even moe fun? Taking a Segway tour of your magnificent city. Yes you may be touristy, but at least you’re trendy too.
How about a sports game? Such a revolutionary concept, I know (insert sarcasm here), but you don’t think to go out and support the team of your college town like you do of your home town. A lot of venues have an annual College Night, where you have the chance of getting cheaper tickets, free food and giveaways, and meeting a lot of kids from other schools around your city. Go Team!
Finally, relive your childhood by spending the night at the bowling alley. You’d be surprised that many alleys these days cater to college-aged kids and older, have lavish menus and fully stocked bars. Whether you’re watching a sports game, having a night out with friends, or down for some friendly competition, bowling provides entertainment and activity that you probably aren’t used to.
So now that you have a First-Aid kit full of weekend plans, do not be afraid of the “ambiguous Saturday.” The weekend is your chance to escape your during-the-week routine of class, homework and anything else you may be involved in. Don’t defeat the purpose by creating a routine out of that, too. Having a good time doing something that shies away from your usual Saturday night plans is what keeps nightlife interesting. So go, my well seasoned night owls, do something different for a change! You won’t regret it.


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