What NOT to Do While (Drunk) Flirting

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By Alissa Medina > Freshman > Media and Cultural Studies > University of California, Riverside; Photo by AR > Sophomore > Graphic Design > UMBC
College Mag asked for your advice on what not to do when you meet a love interest on a night out in college. Here were some of your best (and most hilarious) responses:

1. Don’t Make Cheesy Pick-Up Lines
“My tipsy friend has just met two girls. They first ask him, ‘Hey how old are you?’ My friend asks one of them the same question, and she says she’s 23. My friend was wearing a Los Angeles Kings #23 jersey points at the number saying, ‘Oh, that’s my favorite number. Do you wanna go do something?’ Her response, ‘Well, good thing your favorite number isn't 12, but no thanks, I can't.’ The whole night he was trying to get the girl, he even offered them some booze he didn’t even have.”
– Narek Hidirsah, California State University, Northridge
2. Don’t Dance With Your Friends' Parents
“At a family party this guy was drunk and they put loud music on at the party. He was so wasted; he started grabbing his friend’s mom trying to dance with her.  It was pretty funny.”
– Giro Sassounian, University of California, Riverside 
3. Don’t Throw Up While Flirting
“I had a friend who was talking to a girl at a party excused himself to throw up off of a balcony then came back and started talking to the same girl again like nothing happened. “
– Kevin Longrie, University of California, Santa Barbara
4. Don't Blame It On The Alcohol
"Me and my friends went on a retreat for a club we are in on campus. There were a lot of people drinking and playing games. This guy started unexpectedly hitting on my friend. As the night went on, he started being really touchy and following her around a lot. You could tell he knew he was being annoying, but he just blamed it on the alcohol."
– Linda Nunez, University of California student

5. Don't Dance With Guys… In Front of Your Boyfriend
"I had a friend who would constantly dance with other guys while her boyfriend was in the other room. I felt it was just tacky to see her dancing on another guy when her boyfriend right was right there. She blamed her drunkenness for her flirty personality." 
– Amanda Welton, Chaffey Community College 

College Magazine Staff

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