What Magic Mike Means for V-Day Lingerie

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Last summer’s guilty pleasure for girls and unspeakable embarrassment for guys came in the form of a movie about five male strippers. Everyone had their laughs about how ridiculous (and awful) the film was, but it set an expectation of how clean-cut men are expected to look. It’s not just about the six-pack and waxed chest but its also about the…embellishments.

Nothing gives a girl worse body issues than feeling like the only curves they have is their muffin top. If Valentine’s Day means ladies must buy lingerie that is expensive and uncomfortable then it’s time to raise the stakes.

Girls can’t be the only ones subject to body issues. Guys if you’re looking for tight and shapely, then we expect the same from you: behold the tush-tightening undies.

Make sure you remember your geometry because those angles are really important.

Lingerie is not just about lace, satin and silk anymore. It’s about character and shock value and this includes tails, beaks, and trunks. There’s a market for both genders here.

While this is all fun and games, I’m sure all ladies can attest that Matthew McConaughey looks better in a well-fitted, pinstriped suit than in a half-naked cowboy costume or an elephant thong, can’t the same be said for gentleman? What is really sexy about a nurse or a french maid?

Perhaps there is room for compromise. If guys dress up like this on Valentine’s Day, then maybe the ladies can meet them halfway.


Image: Gotta Watch It

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