What Guys Really Think About Your Makeup

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I’ve heard guy after guy complain about that girl who gets a blemish and then piles on the concealer, making the area even more noticeable. Fashion magazines and popular television shows have trained girls to believe that makeup is the answer for everything – that if you’re going to look presentable, you’ll need to wear makeup. But, ladies, get ready for a shocking secret: some guys would rather you wipe off all the makeup.

“I prefer natural beauty! The prettiest girls are the ones who barely wear makeup. [But] there is a time and place [to wear makeup]: getting dressed up and going out on a date or whatever,” said Mikey Crouch, a junior at San Diego State University.

That seems legit, so why is that girls don’t often go the natural route?

"I love to wear makeup everyday and have to conceal my imperfections and enhance my appearance,” said Alexandrea Pires, a junior at the University of Connecticut. “I want to look fresh and nice so wearing makeup everyday is important. And wearing makeup just makes me feel pretty and helps me stay awake for the entire day."

But do we really need to glop it in every day? Crouch doesn’t think so.

“It’s the same as a guy getting a nice haircut or close shave. We don’t need it everyday just like girls don’t need to cake [makeup] on everyday. Some girls do wear too much makeup and … it can be a turnoff,” he said.

Makeup can easily turn from classy to trashy. First, you buy a few makeup brushes and a dual-color eye shadow packet. Then you start to purchase a few different shades of eyeliner. Before you know it, your makeup habit has turned into an unhealthy and not-so-pretty obsession, complete with enough stuff to decorate all the clowns at the circus.

But no more – It’s time to take back our faces and reverse the effects of years of misinformation! The natural look is back and the best part is you don’t have to toss all the money spent on beauty supplies in the trash. Minimal makeup and lighter shades can help achieve the natural look if you keep it simple and tasteful. Also make sure your foundation shade matches your skin tone.

And guys agree. “While I think girls look great without any cosmetics, I must say that makeup is usually a welcome addition to their appearance,” said Travis Henry, a junior at the University of California, Berkeley. “A little bit of mascara, a light shade of eyeliner, or a little foundation or blush can highlight a girl's best features in just the right ways. But makeup can be, and often is, taken too far. It's a fine line between accentuation and caricature.”

 So keep it simple! Perhaps Kate Hudson’s tips on how to perfect the smoky eye in Almay commercials should be reserved for those special Friday date nights. And even then, make sure the guy sees as close to the real you as possible, not a cakey color palette staring back at him across the dinner table.  


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