What are the most common STDs among college students?

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Dr. Sawyer: To qualify for the title of being a sexually transmitted disease or infection, as they are more commonly called today (the CDC thought that infection sounded less dramatic and nasty than disease… “it’s just a little infection”…  yes, but if it’s on your business, does it really make it any better?!!) a disease just has to be sexually transmissible. So probably, the most common STDs on a college campus are forms of vaginitis, like yeast infections. But guys don’t have vaginas, so how can they get these infections, you ask? Although guys don’t own a vagina, many men have a powerful fascination for the organ, and like to get up close and personal with them as often as possible. If the vagina in question has a yeast infection at the time, then there’s a good chance the man will also get an infection. Most forms of vaginitis, including yeast infections, are easy to treat with over-the-counter medication. Other very common STDs on campus are Chlamydia (symptoms in women: often none, symptoms in men: some pain on urination, discharge from the penis) and human papilloma virus, often more commonly known as genital warts (symptoms in women: often none, sometimes warts on the vulva or around the cervix, symptoms in men: warts on the penis, scrotum or anus, sometimes none.)  If you choose to be sexually active ALWAYS use a condom!

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