What are the best positions for orgasm?

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Dr. Sawyer: There’s no straightforward answer to this question… it’s kind of like comfort foods, some people prefer chocolate ice-cream, others strawberry, but ultimately they both love the experience. In the heterosexual world the key to female orgasm is clitoral stimulation, so theoretically a position that allows for maximum access to the clitoris might increase the likelihood of achieving an orgasm. So, the woman-on-top position where the man can manually stimulate the clitoris at the same time as penile penetration could definitely help the woman reach Nirvana. Interestingly, perhaps the most common sexual position, missionary (man on top), seems to be least likely for many women to orgasm as research tells us that fewer than half of women who have sex in this position are able to climax. Having said all this, because the brain is the most important sexual organ we have as human beings, whatever turns you on the most is your best bet to achieving an orgasm regardless of which contorted, pretzel-like position you’re able to assume!  

College Magazine Staff

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