#WeLikeWhatYouWrite: Harvard Crimson Fights for Extra Curriculars

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The staff of The Harvard Crimson is a big fan of extracurricular activities. In fact, they think the lessons learned outside the classroom are arguably more important than those gained from a professor.

This editorial was in response to the university’s refusal to grant the Harvard Undergraduate Council an extra $250,000 toward funding student groups.  

“The University is committed to making a Harvard education affordable to all; it should commit to making the full Harvard experience accessible and affordable as well,” wrote The Crimson staff.

Harvard should not underestimate the value of extracurricular activities to its students’ development. As The Crimson’s staff put it:

“But just because a skill cannot be taught in a lab does not mean it is not worth learning…If a student who would prefer to play Quidditch or compete at a poetry slam forgoes a passion in order to add a more vocationally minded line to a resume, then that is a shame.”

Read the full article at The Harvard Crimson, The College Outside the Classroom.

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