Webster Missed a Few: The Sexy College Dictionary

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BY Alexis Gutter > Junior > Journalism > University of Maryland

tex – ting (v): New age flirting, very complicated. Use punctuation sparingly and emoticons only when absolutely necessary. Don’t reply too soon (desperate) or too late (uninterested).
sex – ting (v): The porn of texting and new age phone sex.
friends with ben – e – fits (n): Friends by day, lovers by night; or friends in public, lovers behind closed doors.
boo – ty call (n): If you have no friends in common and aren’t friends yourself, but he/she calls you between the hours of 12 and 3 a.m. to hook up, then you’re a booty call.
floor – cest (n): Co-ed dorms make hooking up difficult to avoid. But when the flame burns out, getting caught alone in the elevator together can be painfully awkward.


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