#WeLikeWhatYouWrite: 14 Lessons Learned at Penn

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Penn senior Caroline Brand shares 14 lessons learned while in college. She doesn't want you to take her advice; instead she encourages you create a list of your own.

Brand covers everything from how we invest our time to efficient toilet paper runs. She even calls out those flaky "friends" we know all too well. Our favorites from her lessons:

“5. Spending time alone is not weird. In fact, it can be incredibly rewarding, enlightening, and yes – fun. Introspection is underrated, and if you constantly surround yourself with other people, you will never be able to unearth your own thoughts, opinions, and beliefs.”

“11. Train yourself to be a giver. If you are naturally what Wharton professor and author Adam Grant calls a matcher or a taker, do everything you can to override these tendencies. Give to those who you will never see again and will never benefit from, and if someone gives to you, pay it forward. One of the most moving experiences for me at Penn was when a student I barely knew spent a full hour on a Friday night coaching me through impossible computer science homework.”

“13. It ain’t over ‘til it’s over. In other words, it is never too late to make new friends, take up a new hobby or activity, or even completely change your trajectory.”

Read the full list at The Daily Pennsylvanian Senior column by Caroline Brand | 14 Things I Learned at Penn (GIFs not included).

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