Valentine’s Day Sucks

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Valentine’s Day seriously sucks. Sweeping statement? Sure. But does it have a large following? Definitely.

First of all, who decided to strategically place a holiday devoted to emotional eating, candy hearts, and boxes of chocolate just a couple measly weeks before spring break? How are we supposed to seduce our prospects with beach bodies once they have expanded to more closely resemble beached whales?

Secondly, why dedicate an entire day each year to celebrating relationships when almost half of America is riding solo? According to a CNN study from August 2010, 43 percent of us (that’s a 96 million head-count, people) are single, and 61 percent of this group has never said “I do.” Not to mention the fact that if you are taken, shouldn’t you be treating your significant other special every day… and not just one out of every 365? 

And yet, while all the single ladies are flocking to the movie theaters with a pack of girlfriends this week to cry over The Vow, I have come to learn that people in relationships don’t really have it much better:

“I think Valentine’s Day is overrated – always have. It doesn’t have anything to do with not having a Valentine, since I’ve been lucky enough to be with my boyfriend for a few years now. We celebrate, I guess, but nothing fancy. I always make him a Valentine and buy some candy. I just think that people in relationships should show each other how much they care every single day. To me, sending flowers or a card to someone you care about ‘just because’ means a lot more than getting them one on a day Hallmark says you should.”

– University of Pittsburgh Sophomore

“Valentine’s Day puts a lot of pressure on couples, and oftentimes, one person inevitably disappoints the other, or the day doesn’t live up to one of their expectations.”

– University of Michigan Junior

“I think it’s a pretty stupid holiday. Of course I don’t expect flowers and candy every week from my boyfriend, but a general show of appreciation once in a while shouldn’t be restricted to February 14th only. On the other hand, if you don’t do anything for your significant other on Valentine’s Day, you have made a very big mistake. My ex-boyfriend didn’t even get me a card or take me to dinner because he ‘forgot.’ Needless to say, that relationship fizzled quickly.”

– University of Florida Senior

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