Valentine Gifts For Every Situation

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Tick-tock tick-tock. Hear that? That’s your clock and/or iPhone alarm telling you that Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you still haven’t gotten a gift for your significant other. Heart shaped candies and talking stuffed animals have been out since New Year’s Day, yet we all waited until the last minute. No need to fear, CM has come up with some great gift ideas for anyone from a friend to a long-term lover:

Just a Friend:

Gift For girls: You’re a single gal and she’s a single gal. She’s always been there for you when you need to vent about the guy in your chemistry class who ignores you for that girl with the huge…personality. It may be cliché, but an all girl anti-Valentine’s Day party is just the cure for the single blues. Stick together on this Hallmark holiday and watch some classic bloody movies like The Hills Have Eyes while you make fun of your taken friend who is always wondering who her boyfriend is texting.

Gift For guys: You’re a single guy and so is your best bud. Continue doing absolutely nothing because neither of you will realize it was Valentine’s Day until you get your only sweetheart card in the mail…from your mom.

You’re an Unofficial ‘Thing’

Gift for Girls: That awkward moment when Valentine’s Day happens to be two weeks after your first date. If she says she doesn’t expect anything from you on this holiday, she’s lying. Gentlemen, this is a test to see if you’re worth hanging on to for the long haul. If you’re banking on a future with this girl, at least get her a little something. If you want to go for the classic, no one ever said roses and chocolates were a bad idea. You could even spice things up a bit and get her chocolate covered strawberries, then watch as she slowly, sensually eats them. I mean what?

Gifts for Guys: Let him take the lead on this one. It would be uncomfortable if he didn’t get you anything while you slaved over a scrapbook full of pictures and tickets from your first and only movie date. Make a dinner reservation ahead of time at a great restaurant. If he gets you an awesome gift, surprise him with the dinner plans on you. This way, if he completely forgets a simple “Happy Valentine’s Day,” you can dump the reservation andpossibly the dude.

Long Term Relationship

Gifts for Girls: Three words: jewelry, jewelry jewelry. We know you’re on a college budget, so we’re not expecting you to run to Tiffany & Co and get us a diamond ring. You could get a beautiful, trendy charm bracelet from Pandora for about 60 bucks. If you’ve been dating for a few years and have cash to spare, splurge on some earrings from Macy’s or Jared. In addition to a gift you actually pay for, what your girl reallywants is for you to simply show you care. For instance, last year my boyfriend got me a card and filled every inch with loving words and reasons why he loves me. That was the best gift I could have gotten. She’ll be guaranteed to keep it to read on rainy days.

Gifts for Guys: You’ve been dating for six months or more, and you really want to show him how damn happy he makes you this Valentine’s Day. Every guy is different, so you’ll really need to delve into his brain and think about what he loves. However, Valentine’s Day is not his birthday, so there’s no need to spend major bucks. He’ll probably appreciate it if you get him anything because most girls tend to expect to receive more than they give on this holiday. Does he live for music? Get him concert tickets or a CD from his favorite band. Sports? Get him a jersey from his favorite player or tickets to the next professional football game near your college town, even if the teams playing are not his hometown faves. The bottom line is: avoid the mushy stuff. Your guy probably wouldn’t even care about Valentine’s Day if it weren’t for you not-so-subtly hinting about it every other day.

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