Vacation Time: Our Top 5 Fall Break Destinations

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While spring break is typically notorious for being a time for college students to have a blast without the stress of school and work, who says fall break can’t be just as fun? Check out our top five fall break destinations!

New Orleans, LA

Consider the Big Easy your classy Southern counterpart to ever popular spring break destination cities like Daytona and Panama City. Not only has the humid weather lifted by now, but visitors have their choice of enjoying downtown dive bars like Ms. Mae’s, which along with dollar cocktails (!!), boasts an online wall of shame for your autumn trip to live in infamy. Looking for a bigger party scene? Simply stepping out onto the streets of America’s most ragin’ ciy will immerse you in the music-makin,’ shot-takin’ culture that has become the mark of the area. As the locals say, “Laissez les bons temps rouler!” (Let the good times roll, for those of your who dropped French in high school).

Providence, RI 

While nippy New England winters cause the area to lose some of its appeal to Southern based students in the colder months, fall is the perfect time to make a trip up north. And Providence, known as Boston’s more flamboyant counterpart, is the perfect place to have a ball for those few, precious, class-free days. The city’s Waterfire events, which are evening bonfires that line the city’s waters, last throughout most October and are popular with tourists from all over. After you’ve appreciated the popular pyres, take a stroll over to local favorites like The Avery or Cook & Brown Public House and get your drink on with some of the wildest Yankees around. 

Nashville, TN 

Not only is Music City beautiful in the autumn months, but the country music Mecca was also recently named the most affordable city to visit by Travel and Leisure magazine–it’s perfect for any college students hitting their break on a budget. Grab your best cowboy hat and get your bourbon fix at one of Nashville’s hot spots. Between Robert’s Western World and Layla’s Bluegrass Inn, it’s going to be hard to have a bad time. Just beware of mechanical bulls; those things are trickier than they look.  

San Diego, CA

Cold weather blues comin’ at you fast? Look no further than a trip to one of the west coast’s most beautiful cities, which doesn’t experience its warmest weather until early October. Whether surf and sand is what you’re after or you’re just looking to hang loose with some locals, make sure to check out bars like Lucky D’s and Why Not Wednesday?, which are sure to offer plenty of good times and California love. 


Sure, it may same like everyone is spending fall break days here, there and everywhere, but sometimes the best place to go is right back to where you started. Laundry done, full meals made, and your parents might even throw you some extra cash to cover your bar tabs through the rest of the season. Just remember that your parents may not be as amused by you stumbling through the front door at 4am as your roommates are.

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