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It’s always satisfying to hear your favorite musician do what they do best through their own unique style and original songs, but listening to an artist put their own individual spin on another musician’s work can be just as enjoyable! Check out these 10 covers of some great artists putting their own distinctive twists on some already great tunes!

1. Your Song (Elton John) – Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding takes this classic Elton John song and marks it with her infamous shrill and serene voice layered ontop of soothing strings and piano. Goulding gives this song an entirely new life.

2. I Want You Back (Michael Jackson)- The Civil Wars

This is definitely one of the most impressive covers I’ve heard. The drastically  slowed-down guitar picking  and melody  makes this Michael Jackson song almost unrecognizable, changing its mood completely. The Civil Wars did this tune great justice with Joy Williams’s beautiful voice and John Paul  White’s chilling harmonies.

3. Such Great Heights (The Postal Service) – Iron and Wine

Iron and Wine takes the heavily synthed sound of The Postal Service’s "Such Great Heights" and morph it into a chilled acoustic tune complete with calming guitar picking and Samuel Beam’s mesmerizing, whisper-like vocals.

4. Hypnotize (Notorious B.I.G.) – Dan Black

This unsuspected cover by Dan Black takes Notorious B.I.G.’s hardcore rap tune and gives it a melody layered over catchy drum beats and stunning choir voices.

5. Hey Ya (Outkast) – Obediah Parker

Its hard to take such a well known tune like "Hey Ya" and create anything remotely as good, but Obediah Parker puts his own spin on the tune and gives it a relaxed and stripped down acoustic feel.

6. Strangers (The Kinks) – Deer in the Headlights

Deer in the Headlights lives up to the legacy of The Kinks in this awesome cover. Ian Metzger delivers, as always, with his powerhouse voice making this tune a rival to the original.

7. White Blank Page (Mumford and Sons) – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift taking on Mumford and Sons seems like a very big feat, but Swift delivers on this tune. With her signature airy vocals and beautiful acoustic guitar picking, this tune retains its dignity.

8. Amy Winehouse- Its My Party (Lesley Gore)

Winehouse picks a great and infamous tune to put her standard twist on. This upbeat and fun tune is made that much better by Amy’s rich and jazz inspired vocals.

9. No One's Gonna Love You (Band of Horses) – Cee Lo Green

Cee Lo Green transforms this Band of Horses song into an entirely different song with more of a pop and R&B feel equipped with catchy bass and his smooth vocals.

10. Bad Romance (Lady Gaga) – Lissie

Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance is another big song to tackle, and Lissie definitely conquers it with her complex and soulful voice.

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