Undecided and Unsure

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Although most college advisors say it is not necessary to declare a major until the end of your sophomore year, students know how stressful an unclear future can be.  This especially becomes an issue in internship hunting and resume building – how can we pitch our goals to a potential employer when we don’t even know what to study? This week the Upper East Side’s very own Blair Waldorf has shared her resume to be put up on the chopping block.  Just like her relationship status with Nate, Chuck and the rest of Manhattan’s elite men, Blair is unsure about what she wants.  Business leader at Mastercard Worldwide Caryn Englander has shared her wisdom.

Problem One: Major

“Although it’s not ideal to be undecided about your major, it is not as crucial for freshman and sophomore year.  Junior and senior year it is much more significant,” Englander said.

Problem Two: Experience

“One way to ‘get around it’ is to include an objective or search goal in your resume.  For example, say something like ‘detail-oriented college sophomore with administrative experience seeking an internship in the marketing department of a financial institution,’” Englander said.

Problem Three:  Objective

“When there may not be a major, use a focused objective [you have] interest in, for example, financial services. In Blair’s resume, it ties in with the summer job experience in client presentations, correspondence, front desk, etc.  These skills are applicable to any office situation,” Englander said.

Problem Four: Clarity

“Make sure your resume is clear and to the point.  If you can’t ‘wow’ employers with your academic focus, at least make it look good!” Englander said.

Clearly Blair has got some thinking to do about her future. Until then, she better use these tips to at least make it look like she’s got it together! Does your resume need a facelift too? Send your resume to [email protected], subject “Rejected Resume.”

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