Two Takes on the Title

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The way the spotlight was pointed after last night’s game six, it’s all about how the Miami Heat is now the second best team the history of sports has ever come across. Instead of talking about the NBA champion Mavericks, all anyone wants to talk about is the failed experiment in Miami. Hell I’m doing it right now. But this is all wrong.

After games one and two, it looked like the Miami Heat could’ve won it in four games. Miami continued to do things mostly right, except when it counted. Turnovers, missed free throws and not being able to buy a bucket down the stretch doomed the Heat. What did Dallas get going after the first two games? Their three point shooting came alive, Dirk calling out Jason Terry for not being clutch paid off and of course, großer mann Nowitzki showed up and did it all. Even when he was having a bad shooting night, Dirk had five baskets in the fourth to lock up the title. The big one wasn’t getting away again.

And maybe we all need to lay off LeBron. Sure he thinks of himself highly and the way he acts reflects that. “The Decision” was clearly in poor taste. Mocking Dirk’s illness was silly. He signed up to play basketball, to try and be “the chosen one” and then people kill him when he shoots back. Really though, what would you do if you had to sit in front of people every night being asked:

“You sucked out there tonight. What gives?”

“You really blew it in the fourth. Can you going to be able to fix that?”

“Where were you tonight? You played a shit hole of a game LeBron.”

I guess if you’re going to take the praise when people heap it on you, the blame should be taken in stride. But Jesus Christ on a cross, the man is being crucified. The big three did not fail. They were two games away from winning a championship in their first year together. You’d be a fool to write them off. They will return—with a vengeance

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