Two Days Later: Reaction To New Girl’s Big Nick and Jess Moment

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Dear New Girl,
You are now officially the spiritual successor to Friends. I thought for a second that title might go to How I Met Your Mother, but that show never produced an “it couple” to rival Ross and Rachel (though Barney and Robin comes close). But after Tuesday’s episode, it’s clear that Nick and Jess are the new Ross and Rachel.
It’s not even close really. No current TV couple can rival the intensity of their non-relationship relationship. In fact, the only couple that’s even in the ballpark is on the same show (Schmidt and CeCe). I’m obviously obsessed with New Girl, but that’s beside the point.
Nick has a knack for dating girls way out of his league. Only in New Girl world would Lizzy Caplan and Olivia Munn give him the time of day. Jess has understandably attracted a lot of male attention (I mean, just look at Zooey). Of course, the show’s bread and butter is the awkward sexual tension between the loftmates.
There was the time Schmidt tried to kiss her and had to put $50 in the douchebag jar. And that other time Jess almost approached Schmidt with a 100-pack of condoms. And that one time she thought Nick liked her and got all flirty. And that one time she and Winston…oh wait, that hasn’t and hopefully never will happen.
Well, Nick and Jess finally let that tension out with one of the hottest kisses ever:
It wasn’t even awkward! Nick grabbed Jess and just did it. Who knew he had a suave bone is his body? The circumstances leading up to the big kiss were perfect.
It was all framed around a story where the guys were trying to get laid. Nick and Schmidt were having a sob story contest to sleep with Brooklyn Decker, Winston was flirting up a storm with the surprisingly funny Brenda Song, and Jess was at home drawing Nick’s face on a cantaloupe. You know, the usual.
One thing led to another and everyone wound up back at the loft playing True American (“Abu Nazir, get down!”). Through a weird quirk in the rules, Nick and Jess were locked in a room and forced to kiss. Nick just couldn’t do it. Well, in his exact words: “not like this.” The way he let that slip out was absolutely perfect. The way he followed that up by escaping through the window was icing on the cake.
After everyone went to sleep, Nick and Jess had a moment. A moment that led to Nick sweeping Jess off her feet, into his arms and snogging the hell out of her. He capped it off with the perfect line: “I meant something like that.” Seriously, Nick Miller has the ability to be smooth when he wants to be. Who knew?
There’s no going back now. As much as Ross and Rachel tried to go back, those feelings never went away. It’s only a matter of time before Nick and Jess become a thing, and that kiss was an epic first step on the path to romance. Now get Schmidt and CeCe back together and all will be right with the world.
A New Girl Fanatic
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