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Any self-respecting TV fan should not only be familiar with these shows, he or she should be able to have a witty conversation with me about them.  Really, they’re that important (to me, at least).  Here are some of my very favorite TV shows—not only are they fun to watch, these shows are well-written, quality programming that have inspired me to try and get into the business.  A few are still on the air, but others are available to watch on Netflix and/or DVD, and I’ve included a quote from some of the shows in the hope that I’ll intrigue you enough that you’ll watch.  In no particular order, here’s my Must-Watch list:


TEEN BOY: Where have you girls been all our lives?
DARIA: Waiting for you. We were born in this room. We grew up in this room. And we're going to die in this room, alone.


Carlton Lassiter: Now I need to know your process. 
Shawn Spencer: Do you really want to know my process? 
Carlton Lassiter: Absolutely. 
Shawn Spencer: Well, it starts with a holla! and ends with a Creamsicle. 
Burton 'Gus' Guster: And if there's time in between? ThunderCats. Ho-oh!

Twin Peaks

Sheriff Truman: Jelly donuts? 
Dale Cooper: Harry, that goes without saying.

Arrested Development

Michael: There's more to life than strippers and booze and buckets of blood. Why do you guys have buckets of blood? 
Gob: It's not real blood. It's corn syrup and red dye… juice. 
Buster: There's unlimited juice? This party is gonna be off the hook.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy Summers: What are you doing here? Five words or less. 
Spike: [pause] Out. For. A. Walk… Bitch.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Charlie Kelly (singing): Nightman, sneaky and mean, spider inside my dreams I think I love you…


Dexter Morgan: [voiceover] Harry was a great cop here in Miami. He taught me how to think like one; he taught me how to cover my tracks. I'm a very neat monster.

Raising Hope

Jimmy (on the scholarships): These are for poor people.
Virginia: What do you think we are?
Jimmy: I don’t know like lower lower lower middle class.

Veronica Mars

Wallace: I suddenly feel like I'm in a scene from "The Outsiders". 
Veronica: Be cool, Soda Pop.

Dead Like Me
George: So, my whole life, everything, all I get to keep are thoughts and memories? 
Rube: That's all we ever have peanut.

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