Turn Up The Productivity This Spring Break

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 By Debbie Lechtman Fachler > Syracuse University > Magazine Journalism > Sophomore, Photo by CoolestSpringBreak.com

It is hard to believe, but spring break is finally here. While the thought of a break might have you yearning for some well-deserved relaxation in Cancun or beer pong with your old high school friends, the truth is that there are tons of other things you could be doing to make this spring break your most productive and rewarding one yet.

Apply to summer internships. Everyone stresses the importance of getting an internship these days and not without reason. With this tough job market, internships (especially in a field related to your major or future career) make your resume look good and help you build connections with people who might be interested in hiring you after graduation.
Isaac Garcia, a freshman at Syracuse University, says that he plans on getting a summer internship. “Since I’m a communications student I hope to work in the different kinds of mediums so I can learn as much as possible,” he says.
Plan for the summer. There is no better time to plan for the summer than during spring break. There are a million different things you could do. Always dreamed of backpacking through Europe? Have you and your roommates or friends come up with a budget. If you plan to stay at home instead, think about taking classes at the local community college.  
Not only is it cheaper, but it will also definitely lighten your workload during the fall and spring semesters. Just remember to make sure that the credits are transferrable.
“I took summer courses at my town’s community college last summer,” says Julie Castro, a junior at Syracuse University. “The courses were easier than they would have been if I had taken them at SU and it also allowed me to have an easier schedule during the school year.”
Practice your passion. A fun way to make the most of your spring break is by practicing your passion. If you are an aspiring writer, start a blog. If you want to be a photographer, take out your camera and hone your photography skills. You could even shadow a professional in a career that interests you.
Travel. If you can afford it, travel somewhere you have never been before. You can do it with your family, your friends or even by yourself. The experience will most certainly be memorable and it is never a bad thing to experience new parts of the world.
Don’t forget to relax – but be smart about it. Lindsay Pollack, author of Getting from College to Career, advises students to use their relaxation time wisely. “Instead of reading the latest romance novel, gossip magazine or legal thriller by the pool, pack your tote bag with a book that will advance your career knowledge,” she says.

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