T*ts Out for the Boys: A Favorite Spring Break Activity

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On my Spring Break the song “Let’s hear it for the Boys” turned into “T*t’s out for the Boys.” Yeah, I went to a location that was the Mecca for the stereotype behavior of college kids. And with that, came the time old tradition of baring it all.  To be or not to be the girl who untied her bikini was the imperative question of every afternoon as I ordered rum drinks from the pool bar. Personally, I was not intoxicated enough to handle it and I wanted to kick drop the guy with a camera. For the safety of others, I was at the pool for 5 minutes. So here’s some food for thought for those of you who are thinking of participating in this classic spring break situation.

“Girls who show their boobs are sluts”

Get off your high horse. Sure, there’s probably a few less than bright bulbs in the crowd, but Spring Break is supposed to be the time to YOLO and push the societal boundaries. You’re telling me that girls go on spring break, show their boobs and you will judge them forever for letting loose a little? A large misconception we have in American culture is sexual body parts equating to sex. Think of it this way, Miley Cyrus has showed us more skin that Taylor Swift… but we all know Taylor has hit it with more guys than Miley. Not that she is a slut, just saying, more skin doesn’t equal more sex.

“Girls who show their boobs have insecurity issues”

This is a fun one. You get a crowd of men, who cheer a girl on because they want to see her boobs. Then she appeases the crowd, gets the cheers, moves on with her life. Later on, those same guys in that crowd judge her as being worth a little less since she gave them little more. If she didn’t have insecurity issues before, she might now. Don’t be a manipulative hypocrite. If you cheered her on before, don’t degrade her afterwards.

"Guys, put your tongues back in your mouths"

Guys, what’s going on? By this time in college a boobs are boobs and they are everywhere. The boobs probably aren’t even doing it for you anymore – It’s more the expected tradition of spring break. The check mark of “I went on spring break and it was crazy because girls showed their boobs” Right? It’s a mob mentality thing… a bandwagon affect. Yea? Glad we got that out of the way. NOW… you seem like a fool when the mere mention of “girls are showing their boobs” wakes you from a stupor. “Where?!” You want girls of worth? We want guys of worth. Let’s find some level playing ground eh?


 Alas, in the end, if ya showed them and people judge you afterwards, screw them. Brush it off cause it’s not a big deal. It’s apart of your body, you did want you wanted and life goes on. The bigger deal you let other people make of it, the bigger deal it will become. If you know you aren’t going to be doing anything of that nature, don’t tempt a crowd by getting up on someone’s shoulders or a stage; sadly you might be the victim of a drunken guy and his ability to untie a bikini. And if you are cheering someone on for your own entertainment, and then judge them afterwards, that says more about your character than the character of the girl you’re judging.   

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