Tricky Summer Dates

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Dating in the summer tends to be easy and intuitive. Everyone has free time and there are plenty of things to do, especially outdoors. Despite appearances, some classic summer date ideas can actually be more troublesome and messy than expected. College Magazine gives overdone warm weather dating a reality-check, with suggestions for alternative ways to spend your precious summer vacation days.

Going to the Beach. Catching some rays down by the shore can be a great time. However, as far as going with someone you don’t really know well, it can be setting yourself up for stress. Wearing a bathing suit shouldn’t be uncomfortable, but inevitably it will be for at least one of the people on the date. Suddenly you’re almost half-naked in broad daylight, which can be intimidating. Going to the beach can also be boring. If you don’t have much to talk about, you won’t really gain anything for conversation when all there is to do is sit and read or get knocked around by waves. Instead, hit the boardwalk or pier, two alternatives which are lined with shops, arcades and plenty of more things that could spark conversation.

Evening stroll. Very romantic in theory, especially in the summertime when the sun sets later. However, that time of day also tends to be the most bug-filled. Mosquitoes prey with a vengeance at the end of a muggy day and swatting away bugs can ruin the mood. Get drinks on an outdoor patio instead; hopefully it’s baited with citronella.

Getting Ice Cream. How many women’s magazines have recommended eating ice cream as a ‘sexy’ move for a date? Have these writers actually eaten soft serve on a hot day? It might be one of the messiest endeavors of summer time eating, besides slices of watermelon or sauce-drenched buffalo wings. It doesn’t take much humidity for that vanilla and sprinkles confection to be all over your hands instead of in its designated cone, and there’s nothing romantic about that. Try getting iced coffee or milkshakes for less mess.

Road trip. Hitting the road with a great playlist on your iPod and a convertible can be fun with a significant other but like all traveling, it should be considered with deliberation. Spending that much one-on-one time can strengthen a relationship, or break it. Don’t go on vacation with someone you don’t know very well. Road trips are also more expensive than they used to be with the rising cost of gas, and driving can be tiring. Rent a house somewhere with a few other friends for less pressure and potentially more fun.

Picnic. If you live somewhere especially humid or hot, this can be a bad idea. Not only does your food become an attraction for all nearby insects, but it can also go bad very quickly, especially if you make picnic staples like macaroni salad. Besides this, eating outside when you continue to get increasingly sweaty from the sunlight can be an uncomfortable dining experience. If you want to have some classic, outdoorsy romantic time with your date, do it when the sun goes down by visiting an outdoor or drive-in movie theatre. 

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