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By Steve DiCarlo > Senior > Creative Writing > Hofstra University, Photo By Riley Blanks > Sopomore > Sociology and Studio Art > University of Virginia

Nearly every celebrity out there is a “Twitterer;” some use their accounts to inform fans of upcoming projects, some to simply inform the public of the things that amused them in their everyday lives, others to connect with fans on a personal level. Tweets can range from inspirational, to confusing, to downright weird. The past week has been filled with such celebrity Tweets, and here are the top five we think you’ll get a kick out of.


1. @justinbieber
“taught @regis_and_kelly how to dougie. nice. haha. great people.”
As you have surely heard by now, Regis Philbin is tragically retiring later this year. But before he does, the Biebs decided Regis needed a dance lesson. Few things can compare to watching a sixteen year old boy teach an eighty year old man how to “dougie.”

2. @selenagomez
“My attempt at a @Nickiminaj rap. What do you think?”
The Disney starlet probably doesn’t have a future in rapping, but her attempt to rap like Nicki isn’t half bad. And she looked really hot doing it.
3. @itsmeleighton
“One more day til #TheRoommate comes out! And here’s a link to my College Humor PSA”
Watch the video. No further explanation is necessary. Absolutely hilarious.
4. @vinnyguadagnino
“Ahaha @djpaulyd and @sn00ki swapped faces!!" 
Vinny can always be counted on for a good laugh. The picture he tweeted is insanely funny yet wildly horrifying at the same time. Good one, Vin.
5. @kanyewest
“Girls be killing me rocking no coat in the winter standing in front of the club”
Just another one of Kanye’s hilariously self-absorbed tweets. The scandalous singer has over two million followers, but doesn’t feel any sort of inclination to follow anyone himself. The only thing Kanye would be willing to follow is a walking mirror. You’re doing a great job trying to improve your image, Kanye. A great job.





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