Top 5 Ways to Enjoy The Weather…and Your Finals

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 If it wasn’t already hard to be attentive in class, thinking about the sunshine and the warm lovely weather waiting for you outside probably doesn’t help Spring and summer are the perfect times to be outside, enjoying the sun after long weeks in winter coats and a dozen scarves – but you still have to be in class and be productive. With these 5 simple tips, you can be sure to enjoy the Frisbee-perfect weather and good grades at the same time:

1.) Enjoy indoors

Can’t get enough of the sun? You can still enjoy the sun indoors. Sit by windows to enjoy the warmth, but beware that too much warmth can make you sleepy and less productive. Remember to wear the sunscreen, too, just in case.

2.) Take advantage of the rainy days

Spring isn’t all about the sun, it’s about the rain, too. Katie Matero of the Kutztown University of Pennsylvania writes in “How to Stay Focused in Spring” about adapting your management skills. Doing a chunk of your school work on a rainy day gives you more time to enjoy the sun when it is out, Matero writes.

3.) Multitask

Just because you’re laying on the grass and basking in the sun doesn’t mean you can’t open your notes and review for the next class at the same time. Understandably, it would be hard to focus on your calculus notes when the weather calls for complete relaxation, but getting a bit of studying done whenever possible can’t hurt regardless of the season.

4.) Spring and summer fruits are your friends

Food is another great way to enjoy spring and summer so why not let it work for you as well? One the fruits in season for summer are blueberries. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants that help keep your brain functioning well. They also contain a healthy amount of sugar that can perk you up in those sleepy afternoon classes that you’d rather be spending outside.

5.) Reward yourself

Staying away from the beautiful spring and summer weather is impossible, so making it to all your classes and being productive despite the irresistible conditions outside calls for an occasional reward. Make a deal with yourself: if you accomplish everything you need to for school all week, you can treat yourself to a whole weekend of sun, warm weather, and a much needed relaxing break.

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