Top 5 Overrated Sports Movies

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The Oscar's air tonight, and like every year, there will be movies we believe are overrated. In sports film history, the same theory applies. That's why I've taken it upon myself to list the most overrated sports flicks.

5. Remember the Titans

How can such a classic movie possibly be overrated? Remember the Titans is an amazing story that shows how sports can break down barriers and bring people together. Coach Herman Boone (Denzel Washington) is a all-time great, top-five sports movie coach with more one liners than Seinfeld in the 90s. The problem though is this: in one of the football season, a young, lean and eligible Ryan Gosling picks up a fumble and runs for a touchdown. Unfortunately for the movies’ sports credibility, he runs in the wrong direction; and no one whose job it was to make the movie noticed. That big of a sports mistake in a sports movie warrants inclusion on this list.

4. Rudy   

One of the most inspirational underdog stories of all time right? Ehh … lot of controversy about how true the storyline really was. At best, a walk-on player got in for a play at the end of the game and made a tackle (not really extraordinary). At worst, the entire team thought the walk-on was a joke and never took him seriously, and certainly never were inspired by him. Sorry, but Rudy is not the top sports movie that America wants you to believe it is.

3. Moneyball

Moneyball is up for Best Film of the Year in tonight’s Oscars. As Chris Carter would say, come on man. Moneyball takes something boring (baseball), and makes it even more boring by ignoring the on-the-field play and focusing only on the statistics. Numbers on a piece of paper – riveting. Also, the underdog story portrayed in the movie is overplayed and ignores that the Athletics had the best pitching staff in baseball. Sorry, fat Jonah Hill, you struck out.

2. Major League

Funny movie? Sure. But it’s criminal to put such a meaningless and pointless movie in a top 10 sports movie list. And Sports Nation voters did just that. Charlie Sheen is on more illegal substances than Josh Hamilton and Ryan Braun combined.

1. Caddyshack

This is an easy one. It just simply doesn’t pass the “if I didn’t know the movie was a classic, would I consider it a classic” rule. I don’t care how many times your dad and uncle told you how amazing a movie this is. The main antagonist in the film is a gopher. No thanks.

Check back next for the underrated list.  

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