Top 5 Bands For 2011

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By Steve DiCarlo > Senior > Creative Writing > Hofstra University, Photo By Riley Blanks > Sophomore > Sociology and Studio Art > University of Virginia

With the 2011 Grammys now over, artists worldwide are fighting to earn one of the coveted nominations for next year’s ceremony. Some, however, are just hoping to increase their fanbase and earn some much-deserved respect in the music industry. Here are some bands to look out for over the next year – they may not be Grammy-ready yet, but they are more than ready for their time to shine.

You don’t have to be a fan of alternative rock to recognize the talent of this Kentucky-based Christian band. Their songs are filled with powerful melodies and meaningful lyrics which can be applied to any relationship (not just one with God). Their music has been featured on the hit shows Pushing Daisies and Grey’s Anatomy.

In Toxin, you can find the perfect mixture of rock band and boy band. Rocking skinny jeans and classically long rocker hairdos, the group of Long Island high school/college students went on tour last year with seasoned rocker Bret Michaels. They’ve got a loyal following around New York, but 2011 will hopefully bring about the expansion of their fanbase.
The members of this three-piece rock band met in 2003 while attending George Washington University. They had their own headlining tour in 2009 in the UK, and are now performing as a featured band on a Barenaked Ladies-hosted cruise. They are known by fans to be one of the few bands out there that sounds even better live.
A group of students at the University of Colorado at Boulder got together in 2001 to play as a jam band, which later expanded into the rock group that is Low vs Diamond. They cite their influences as Dave Mathes, David Bowie and Air, among others. In 2008, Rolling Stone cited them as one of six artists who are defining pop and rock, and placed their song “Don’t Forget Sister” #59 on the 100 Best Songs of the Year.
This pop/rock duo consists of UK producer TommyD and 29 year old singer/songwriter Jamie Scott, whose hit song “Made” was featured on the Step Up soundtrack. Last year the band was named “New Band of the Day” by UK Newspaper The Guardian, and will have songs appearing in CSI: New York and The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show later this year.



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