Top 10 Weirdest Stories of 2012

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Let’s face it, 2012 got weird. Between the end of the world supposedly happening (nice try, Mayans), Boy Bands becoming a thing again and Jersey Shore actually ending, the year, like most, was predictably weird. But those things had nothing on what 2012 really had to offer. And it’s safe to say, our list of Top Ten Weirdest News in 2012 holds the coup de grace of bizarre news for this year.

10. Venus, the two-faced cat – Venus is weird, but adorable. In what scientists describe as incredible genetic luck, Venus actually has a face split down the middle, with two completely different colors on each side. The three-year-old is half black with a green eye and half tabby orange with a blue eye. But what is even weirder is just how popular she is. This year, you might have caught Venus on Reddit, the Today Show or YouTube. And in case you missed her, you can check out her facebook.

9. Man travels globe without flying – This year brought the end of Graham Hughes’ four-year odyssey across the world. The 33-year-old Liverpool native visited all 201 countries in the world, and did so by bus, taxi, feet and even “leaky boat,” but never by plane. He did it all for $100 a week, which puts a college budget into some real perspective.

8. Honey Boo Boo – Honey Boo Boo makes the list because of her shocking popularity. The former “Toddlers and Tiaras” star now has her own show on TLC, “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.” On the show, Honey Boo Boo or Alana, stars with Mamma June, Mike “Sugar Bear” and her sisters. But you probably know that, because like it or not, Honey Boo Boo has become a household name in 2012.

7. Tanning Mom – You may have heard of this lady too, earlier this year. Patricia Krentcil, or Tanning Mom as she is more popularly known, was the New Jersey woman who was accused of child endangerment when her daughter was spotted with burns that looked suspiciously like those from a tanning bed. Krentcil was all over the news in May and was even so infamous that toy company Herobuilders made a doll in her likeness.

6. Meet the Sexxxtons: Mother, Daughter Porn Stars — For Jessica and Monica Sexxxton, Porn is a family affair. The two have sex with the same partner on screen, but not with each other. While the Tampa women aren’t actually having incest (which Florida defines as including penetration), the mother-daughter act is definitely weird. Monica, the 22-year-old daughter, told Huffington Post that she “enjoys sex and enjoys being with her mom.”

5. Clown winds up with Steve Jobs’ iPad –When Jobs’ home was robbed in July, Kenny the Clown was expecting to be the recipient of an iPad taken from the home. Kariem McFarlin stole the iPad from Jobs’ home, and then gave it to Kenneth Kahn, or Kenny the Clown. The iPad was returned, but after Kenny the Clown used it to play the Pink Panther theme and Michael Jackson in his show.

4. Kony 2012 Fiasco – The Kony 2012 movement earlier this year started as a promising path to helping child soldiers in Uganda. But the campaign went south when founder Jason Russell was caught running naked through the streets. Russell went through intense scrutiny after being detained by San Diego police and the short-lived phenomenon that spread like wildfire earlier this year quickly sputtered out.

3. Testicle Eating Fish – For the top three, things start getting really weird. This year, the pacu fish was spotted in Illinois. This fish, which can weigh up to a whopping 55 pounds, is native to the Amazon basin. They are usually found eating aquatic vegetation, nuts or snails, but when they come into contact with humans (such as with fishers or swimmers), they have been known to take a bite of human testicles.

2. Bubble Skin Man – This story is enough to make your skin crawl. Indonesian man Chandra Wisnu looked normal enough in his youth, but by age 19 he began developing the tumors, which look like small bubbles. He has had a documentary made about him and his condition, and his now desperately seeking a cure. If you want to see a picture, go here, but be warned, it is not for the faint of heart…or stomach…or skin.

1.Woman sells virginity – And the winner for College Mag’s weirdest things that happened this year goes to 20-year-old Catarina Migliorini of Brazil. In an Internet auction on eBay, Migliorini sold her virginity to the highest bidder for $780,000. The woman claimed she was donating the money to charity, although there are those that doubt the sincerity of her claims. The act could also be considered prostitution, and it is possible those that participated could be prosecuted. The lucky winner? A Japanese man who only goes by Katsu.

And there you have it folks, just ten of the many, many, (MANY) weird things that happened this year. Here’s hoping 2013 can be just a tad bit more normal. 

Photos courtesy of Venus' Facebook, Flickr user Hazboy, Flicker user Finis-Monster and the Toronto Sun

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