Top 10 Spring Break Destinations

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The general goals of the latter spring break described in the Friends clip is to: not get food poisoning, come back with the perfect tan and explain all mistakes made with, I’m in college!” This excuse only lasts till graduation, and where else to make the most of it than at any of these top ten spring break destinations?

1. Cancun, Mexico

This is everyone’s first go-to idea for spring break, and understandably so. It’s where parties never stop. They have bars with water slides and bungee jumping. Nuff said.

2. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Chances are, you won’t even have to leave your resort, because they’re ready to offer everything you’d even need within walking distance of your bed. But if you wanted to explore, there’s plenty more for you to do! Apparently if you can drink more “Presidente”, the country’s beer of choice, than the current president, you take his crown. As of 12/10/11, the number to beat was 42.

3. Miami Beach, Florida

If you were looking for beautiful people, you’ve landed in the right place. After all, it’s home to the South Beach diet. It’s also home to some of the best entertainment venues in the world. When the sun comes down, the neon lights are up and you better already be on that dance floor.

4. Panama City Beach

Their slogan is “The World’s Most Beautiful Beaches” and they’re often referred to as “The Spring Break Capital of the World." Big titles, but the place can hold it up! And MTV can back their claims, having chosen Panama City as a destination of choice for their official coverage of spring break. They have kegs on the beach? We’re there.

5. South Padre Island, Texas

Bet you didn’t expect this one. But more and more students are turning to Texas, because although the location is different, it’s the seaside paradise right in the state’s very own backyard. There are sandy beaches, blue oceans and a million Texans that will out-drink you in the Lone Star State.

6. Acapulco, Mexico

If you’re ready to go from wake-up to bedtime, Acapulco has enough to keep you satisfied. Pool parties by day, clubs by night. There are endless beaches to get drunk on and huge clubs to stay drunk at. Our favorite is the Palladium, which offers a panoramic view of Acapulco Bay from the cliffs.

7. Montego Bay, Jamaica

Nicknamed Mo-Bay, this spring break vacation spot is home to one of our favorite events – the Brit Jam from March 6 to 12. It’s the ultimate spring break party infusing British and American music with Jamaican music and culture. But even if you can’t make it then, Jamaica’s still the place to go. Beside, where better to use the pick-up line, “Are you Jamaican? Cause you Jamaican me horny.”

8. Nassau, Bahamas

Take a cruise to the Bahamas where they have plenty of sun, tequila, and culture to soak up! Nassau is the largest city and the capital. The club scene is vibrant, with rum being cheap and plentiful – always words a college student wants to hear.

9. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Everyone’s heard of Cabo. It has the rare reputation of being equally epic for extreme outdoor sports and pure beach relaxation. Lover’s Beach is one of the best beaches in the world. Sounds like the perfect place to find a spring fling… or tomorrow morning’s reason for regret.

10. Las Vegas, Nevada

If you’re looking for a spring break where days only exist as hours for recovery from the nights, you’re headed to Vegas. Glitzy and glam, the night life just never gets old. Grab your singles (for gambling, of course), splurge on a limo and make your way around (in more ways than one, because what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right?).


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