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Getting bored of the same summer music? Seriously, how many times can somebody hear “Give Me Everything” or “Edge of Glory” before they destroy their car radio? It seems like the U.S. can get stuck on the same songs and completely abuse the term “over played.” Instead of searching your radio (because let’s face it, finding Katy Perry on numerous stations at the same time isn’t really such a rarity) try going global. Check out College Magazine’s top ten favorite international hits for a taste of great foreign music. 

1. Danza Kuduro — Don Omar ft. Lucenzo 

This Latin hit is from Don Omar’s album Meet the Orphans and features France-based artist of Portuguese origin Lucenzo. Check out the Gordon & Doyle Bootleg Mix version!

2. Set Fire to the Rain — ADELE

Everyone’s heard the soulful British singer’s “Rolling in the Deep,” but don’t let the popularity distract from other incredible songs on the album, 21, like this one.

3. La Belle et Le Bad Boy — MC Solaar

Some may recognize this from the Sex and the City series finale. This French rap group created a song that can serve as a much needed break from American rap.

4. Hermetico — Balkan Beat Box

This Israeli musical group based out of Tel Aviv and NYC creates a Mediterranean feel with this unique song that is unlike anything in the States.

5. Te Quiero — Stromae

Known for his remix with Kanye West “Alors On Danse,” Belgian artist Stromae created another dance hit on his album Cheese that is just waiting for a remix to bring it to night life.

6. Disco, Blisters and a Comedown — Nicola Roberts

This new hit off the British singer’s upcoming album to be released October 3 is fun with its electronic beat.

7. Loca — Shakira ft. El Cata

The international superstar has a new album debuting October 19, with both Spanish- and English-sung songs to satisfy her American fans, featuring this catchy Latin inspired song.

8. Bubble Pop by HYUNA

The title of this song definitely does it justice. This pop hit by the South Korean star has been linked to having similarities to Britney Spears.

9. C’est Pas Une Vie by Yelle

This French electronic, pop and dance band put together a unique beat creating a funky song almost can’t be categorized into a genre.   

10. Come As You Are by Yuna

This soothing melody is an awesome and interesting take on the classic Nirvana hit by an up and coming Malaysian singer.

These are just a handful of some popular music by non-American artists. Just wait, soon enough they’ll be infecting radios and it’ll be back to the old stuff!


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