This Week’s Cheat Sheet March 10-15

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Tired of not seeing college stuff in the news? Don't worry. In this week's cheat sheet, we did the digging for you.

1. MIT guys continue to repel women.

MIT Media Lab recently threw a party at the annual South by Southwest festival, which showcases the best of the best in media, music, technology and education. The event is known for being edgy, but unfortunately our favorite brogrammers took it a little too far when they decided to make raunchy wristbands for the attendees—think pick-up lines gone wrong. MIT has since issued an apology, but judging by the angry reactions on Twitter, the school won't be living this one down any time soon.

2. One small step for Tennessee, one giant leap backwards for equality.

bill has been proposed in Tennessee that would allow student counselors to refuse LGBT patients based on their own religious objections. When State Rep. John J. DeBerry Jr. was asked if the bill ignored the rights of the LGBT patients, DeBerry simply said that "no bill will fix all of the problems." So basically, the bill protects counselors based on the Constitution's provisions against religious discrimination while letting the counselors discrimate against others because of sexual orientation… because that makes sense.

3. Grand Valley State University v. Blanca the Guinea Pig

When GVSU denied Kendra Velzen's request to live with her guinea pig in a residence hall, they never dreamed they would have to pay for it later. Velzen has chronic depression, and uses Blanca as an "emotional support animal" for her illness. By not allowing Velzen to bring Blanca along to school, GVSU violated federal housing policy. While the school is still refusing to admit any wrongdoing, they have agreed to fork out $40,000 in a settlement with Velzen.

4. The sequester strikes again.

The sequester's massive budget cuts will start to affect everything from research centers to milk prices. Now, you can add military tutition assistance to that list. While the service members already enrolled in school under federal funding will not be affected, no new tuition assistances requests will be accepted for the forseeable future—a decision that hits especially hard for individuals who joined the military banking on financial assistance in college later on. Columbia College of Missouri has since adjusted its policies in order to continue to support its military students, defering tuition charges while they find other sources of funding.

5. Former President George H.W. Bush doesn't know what a flash mob is.

During Bush's recent visit to Texas A&M, students decided to surprise him with well-choreographed flash mob (unsurprisingly, it was a country line dance to "Boot Scootin' Boogie). Bush apparently didn't know what a flash mob was, but he still seemed to appreciate the gesture. Check out the video here.

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