This Internship Is Out of My League

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It’s the season to start applying for summer internships! But wait a minute. Is there an internship that piques your interest but you may not meet some of the qualifications? You should apply anyway. Here’s why:

1. You won’t wonder, “What if?”
Instead of burdening yourself with thoughts of possible scenarios and outcomes, relieve your curiosity by taking a chance and submitting your cover letter and resume. You will know for sure whether or not you’ll be offered the internship. Even if your application is rejected, at least you tried and will probably have fewer regrets.
2. You have almost nothing to lose.
Most likely you will have to sacrifice a portion of your time devising your cover letter or compiling a portfolio. The prospects outweigh the risks. Consequently, you have the opportunity to gain more than what you initially gave up (which are time and effort). 
3. While you wait for a response, you can start developing the skill you lack.
Depending on the internship, each candidate should possess specific qualifications and skills. For example, a graphic design intern will almost certainly need to be proficient at using image editing software. If you have mediocre knowledge of using image editing software, you can practice and improve your proficiency in the meantime.

4. You will actively work toward achieving your career-related goals.
If you’re not willing to take the plunge and submit your application, then you may be victim to passivity and endless dreaming. You’ll be one step closer to reaching your job-related objectives if you apply for that internship that can help you establish a network and ultimately put your foot through the door.
5. You may actually land the internship!
This is the best case scenario that’s extremely possible if you trust your talents and apply. You got this!

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