They’re just not that into You: Why Employers Never Called Back

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Not landing your dream job can feel similar to being dumped. You may be left feeling embarrassed confused and a little heartbroken. Although you may have missed out on the opportunity to be hired for the position and have spent entirely too much money on Kleenex and chick-flicks, you do have the chance to learn from what you’ve done wrong.

Luckily, College Magazine has identified what the potential employers are thinking when they don’t offer you the job.

1. You’ve got baggage.

Having a less-than-professional past broadcasted on the Internet can make an employer run the other direction. “[You won’t get the job if] your digital is cloudy or “dirty”, i.e. suggestive pictures or the use of profanity,” Cheri Butler, associate director of the career center at University of Texas at Arlington said.

2. You didn’t show enough interest

It’s important to follow up post-interview to prove that you are genuinely interested in a company.“You want to be sure that they know that you want to be one of those finalists by telling them and then reiterating it by mailing — not emailing — them a brief thank-you note the same day you're interviewed,” said Steve Rothberg, president and founder of

3. You were too self-centered

Spending too much interview time talking about your personal needs never makes a good first impression. “The employer doesn't care nearly as much about your needs and wants as they do about their own,” said Rothberg. “Be sure that everything you say and ask communicates to the recruiter that you want to help them achieve their needs and wants.”

4. You didn’t look good

Whether you like it or not, you are being judged from the moment you walk through the door. Your attire, communication and mannerisms are almost as important as the interview itself. You won’t be taken seriously if you don’t look serious!

5. You got caught in a lie

Perhaps you exaggerated your tri-lingual abilities or told a little white lie about your experience. Regardless, once trust is lost, it becomes a difficult challenge to earn it back.Cheri Butler said that lying on your resume is a top reason that people do not get hired.

6. You aren’t a good listener

Contrary to popular belief, this interview is not all about you. It’s not uncommon to become so focused on selling yourself. By doing this, you fail to listen to what the company is looking for. Preparing beforehand by researching the company and position can help you avoid this downfall.

7. You aren’t ready for that kind of commitment

If you’re in college or a fresh graduate, your professional experience is usually minimal. Keep this in mind when applying for your “dream job”. You may have to start from the bottom of the food chain to prove you are ready for a committed relationship with the company. “If you don't have the experience, get it by volunteering for a non-profit. After a few months, you'll have the experience you currently lack and you will likely find much more success in your job search,” Rothberg said.

8. You’re boring

With unemployment rates on the rise, it’s important to stand out among the crowd. Display passion for the position, find something in common with the interviewer and be a pleasant conversation among a sea of mindless Q&A sessions.

9. You didn’t do the little things

Failing to polish minor details like the grammar on your resume can come across unprofessional. Speaking using filler words (um, uh, like), not arriving early and having a sloppy portfolio are all ways of saying “please don’t hire me!”

10. There was somebody else

If you don’t feel like you have committed any of the nine previous mistakes, then don’t take it too personally! A lot of employers hire within their company or contacts they have previously made. Sometimes, it really isn’t you.

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