These Pranks Are So 2000 And Late

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In case you didn’t acknowledge the ludicrous Facebook status updates or lame hoaxes from your friends, Sunday was April Fools’ Day. Although jokesters’ imaginations vary, there are some pranks every college student witnessed during those first 24 hours of April. Here are five of the most popular ones:
1.) Hey Guys I’m Pregnant!
Unless they formed a pregnancy pact, there’s no way a dozen of your friends all found out about a bun in the oven at the same time. For some reason women think it’s a great prank to share with 500 of their closest social media friends. Maybe it was a good joke before Facebook was invented, but now it just makes you look unoriginal.
2.) Hey Guys I Got A Tattoo!
Another popular prank is telling people that you are getting a tattoo. A lot of religious people tend to see this ink threat as a legendary April Fools’ prank. This is because the idea of having a tattoo is totally out character. Don’t be surprised when he/she tweets a retraction about getting inked.
3.) Hey Guys We’re Facebook Official!

Last year, University of Maryland sophomore Ian McElwee participated in a staple prank. McElwee and his best girl friend decided to pretend they were in a relationship by making it “Facebook official.”

Unlike the two previous hoaxes, this one can be tricky to decipher. Even the strongest of nonbelievers can fall for it. 

"Going into the fake relationship was really funny because not only did the status get about 50 likes and 20 comments, but it got to the point where even my sister texted me wondering if the relationship was real or just an April Fools' prank," said McElwee.

4.) Hey Guys We Broke Up!
Couples who are already in relationships like to prank others into believing they broke up. You might have noticed high school sweethearts changing their statuses to “single.” While this might seem funny to the lovebirds, it could jinx the future of the relationship and attract unwanted attention from other singles.

5.) Hey Guys I’m In Jail
Even though it’s quite distasteful, every April Fools’ a handful people like to pretend they got arrested. Not only does this scare the crap out of people who actually care about the idiots, but it also makes them seem less trustworthy. You might want to think twice before pulling this joke on anyone. Remember what happened to the boy who cried wolf!

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