There’s an App For That: 8 Apps Every College Student Needs

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With the rise of the smart phone came the rise of the "app," and nowadays they make these things not only for every whim or desire we have, but also to combat said whims and desires. But which apps are worth downloading, and which just take up memory on your phone? College Magazine has complied a list of apps a college student shouldn't be caught without!

1. Don't Dial – $0.99
This app is great for those of us who just can't say no to calling up the ex after they've downed a few, or tend to be a bit of an "over sharer" after drinking. It works by blocking "problem contacts" for an extended time period that you select, causing the phone owner to be unable to access their number during this time. You can also have your friend set a password and unlock the information. Ah, self control with a little extra help–it's a beautiful thing. 
 2.Mixology – Free!
Perfect for cocktail/mixer games, this app will become your party go-to. As they say, beer is dandy but liquor is quicker (I'm actually not sure if anyone has ever said that but I'm sure many can attest to its legitimacy), and this app is your best friend for any and all mixed drinks you. Who needs boring vodka cranberries when you can have recipes to drinks like The Four Horsemen and and The Berried Treasure? 
 3.Find My iPhone – Free!
This one's pretty self explanatory. Basically, it allows you to access your iPhone using the same GPS programming that allows your Maps application to run. It provides a little sense of security during those crowded house parties and long nights at the bar where possessions seem to go missing faster than you can say "Wait where is my….?" 
 4.inClass – Free!
Forget your writing utensils a lot? This one's for you, and for those days when you decided to make a class appearance but your pencil had better things to do. Take notes, use the handwritten tool, or embed pictures to liven up that bland lecture–no notebook required
 5.iProcrastinate – Free!
If theres one thing college students are notorious for, it's the tendency to put things of high importance on the low priority list. And while this app can't do the work for you (they're still working on that), it does give you a chance to make an updated and interactive to do list, complete with reminders and the option to color code tasks. 
 6.SoundHound – Free!
An oldie but goodie, this app is a necessity for anyone who has ever said to themselves "I know this song!!", as it identifies the title, artists, and even has scrolling lyrics if the urge for some impromptu karaoke strikes. 
 7.Typ-O HD – $14.99
This is a spell checker, but with speed. Forget about the red zig zag. This smarter, more powerful app gives you tons of suggestions for when you just can't get a work right, and helps you spell difficult words. It can also read your words outloud to you. It's a bit of an investment, but if spelling is a challenge for you, it's definitely worth the price.
8.Speak It! – $1.99
This is great for everything from recording a lecture to practicing a presentation. Long story short, it's an updated recording app that essentially allows speak and play back anything you choose. 

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