The Txting Game

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Texting can be complicated. It is an entirely new language with its own set of social rules, and one ill-placed winky-face can be the difference between clever, and creepy. The texts people send also imply the relationship they have with others, whether it’s a very personal text to a close friend or the late night booty call. For all those who are confused and still agonize over sending and interpreting texts, CM put together a guide on what certain texts say about you, and how you can avoid, or embrace it:

The Clinger



The clinger is the acquaintance who people feel obliged to give their number to, but then refuses to leave them alone. Do not become this person! Clingers are annoying and can become a texting nightmare. This person will text multiple times a day for no reason, sending messages like, “Thinking of you” and “<3”. Clingers will also hint that they want to spend more time with the person they are pining for by incessantly asking, “What are you up to?”

Any use of emoticons in excess is also usually clinger-territory; emoticons should be reserved for girls trying to be flirty or guys trying to be ironic. After a one-night stand, beware of a text saying, “I hope this goes somewhere :)” or “I miss you already :(” .The worst one to receive, however, is “Did you get my text??” It shows desperation makes the situation even more awkward. “I had a clinger who talked about marriage and having sex on the first date, which obviously really creeped me out, so I ignored him when he texted me the next day,” said Cait Wood, a junior at Texas Tech University. “But even when I tried ignoring his texts, he tried calling or texted me even more. It was really annoying.”

Getting rid a clinger can be difficult, especially if people do not want to be mean or hurt the other person’s feelings. As a result, people start to feel helpless and decide to not respond to the clinger’s texts at all. But ignoring the clinger will not always make him or her go away, and sometimes it can even make the situation even worse, so it is important to be straight-forward and honest with this person.  

The Mysterious Playmate

This person knows how to play the texting game. The playmate is hot, witty and coy, and knows how to draw people in with his or her mysterious ways. If one is trying to be the mysterious playmate, there are a few rules to follow: The texts should be short, sweet and flirty. For instance, if sometimes sends a text saying, “What r u up to?” a playful response might be, “Wouldn’t you like to know ;)”.

It is important to remain in the driver’s seat and control the conversation, so playmates must remain mysterious by not divulging too much information. They should also wait at least 10 minutes before replying to a text and be sure not to answer all the other person’s questions. Never send two texts in a row; writing more than the other person is not beneficial. There’s nothing quite like waiting for a return text when one realizes he or she may have gone overboard. Playmates need to be vague, interesting and keep the other person on edge. It is important to show that you are social and fun to be with, so keep the messages positive all the time.

Strictly Sexual



Texting is a preferred mode of communication because of its conciseness, and in strictly physical relationships, are often sent after 10 p.m. “Can you meet up later?” “When?” Texting isn’t just easy — it’s sexy too. By its very nature, texting is quick and dirty, so it’s easy to cut to the chase and ask, “My place or yours?”

Daniela Peel, a senior at Oregon State University, said she is an expert at sexting. Peel said she often uses her geology major as inspiration: “I would send my hook-up buddy texts like, ‘I wish you were my geology homework because then you would be hard and I’d be doing you on my desk ;)’” Meetings are usually spur of the moment or if there is nothing better happening, so it is unlikely to receive daytime texts from a booty call unless he or she wants some afternoon delight.

Always Just a Friend

This person is always the easiest one to text, and the conversation is usually very direct or playful. Sometimes one may send suggestive texts to a friend, but it is usually understood to be a joke. “I have a friend who I flirt text with, but it’s all in good fun,” said Ivan Barajas, a junior at Sacramento State University. “I’ll text her things like, ‘What’s up babe?’ or ‘Thanks sexy,’ and she’ll respond with equally flirty texts. It doesn’t mean anything, though. I know she doesn’t think of me as more than a friend and I have a girlfriend, so the way we text is harmless.”

There are really no rules for texting friends, and though it is common for students to text friends in class, one can text a friend any time of day about any mundane thing without it being weird or awkward.

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